The Obsession of the Right with Fascism?

The back story on this post is that it started in response to a post on another site that began, “The left is obsessed with the public option…”  I am not sure any more if this is exactly what it said since it appears the right wing rant was removed by the writer, but it served its inspirational purpose. I would have liked to have it remain as counterpoint to my piece, but here is the link to my less thoughtful original version.

The defeat of the public option is an obsession of the right even though it is clearly needed to ensure that everyone gets health insurance coverage and that skyrocketing costs are brought down to manageable levels.

The the reason that the right is so obsessed is due corporate influence. That influence has created a situation just the reverse of what the right claims to honor.  The free market which they claim to be preserving, no longer exists. The hegemony of the corporation has left free market competition as no more than a propaganda slogan existing only in the mouths of right wing lobby machines. The right insists on the public option defeat by any means and at all costs, even the furtherance of our economic decline, loss of any of our remaining freedoms and the smashing of our moral compass. They see the left as encroaching on their Godly profit motive, seeing the public option as a Trojan horse to all sorts of left-wing socialist agendas, something they see the left as being in love with, and a real threat to their profit-without-product.

The right says that the pubic option is the road to Barack Obama forming a one world government that they have already achieved via the transnational corporations. The right thinks that once a public option is in place, then there will be a domino effect of reinstating government regulations they worked so hard to dismantle , and that their New World Order (NWO) idea reserved for business interests will be usurped by the left. Though there is no leftist plan for a NWO, the public option will allow the government to undercut the private insurance industry’s monopolistic price gouging and will ultimately move on to other business cartels. They will actually regulate the private insurance, making it possible to force them to charge  fair market based premiums that produce only just profits in real competition with the public option. The private insurance monopoly will be forced to do business with the government instead of the reverse. How this might be socialism I am not sure, but that is what the health insurance industry would have you believe.

I do see the current state of affairs as akin the fascism, however.  The public option could indeed morph into single payer universal health care, but only if the health insurance industry refuses to comply with these more just policies. I cannot see health insurance industry actually complying.  So one can only hope that when the private insurance industry refuses to comply that the government will have the sense to see this and rescue our democracy and our economy before we go completely bankrupt; economically, politically and morally. If not, single payer universal health care will become just one more moral imperative ignored by America and our country will slip into an even more openly fascist state and our private insurance industry will continue ration health care to feed their out-of-control profits, with the elderly and disabled being those who are most left out in the cold. How do I know that the right would allow this?  Because they already do. Unfortunately, I am having less and less trust in the left as well, thinking that the smoke and mirrors in this debate is all about maintaining corporate control with the best public face.

I begin to look forward to the rise of a new Progressive party.

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  2. It’s great to see more than 140 characters of you at a time.

    Please keep it coming!


    PS You will probably want to get Askimet installed to filter out spam, because you will get spammed in your comments to the tune of hundreds or more per day!


  3. Sorry, it’s called “akismet” not the misspelled thing I put above.

    I think it’s a plugin, if you have questions you can look it up or I’ll be happy to help you.

    It’s just GREAT to see this blog!


    • I don’t know. I have akismet and it works fine. I some times let the spammers through when they have something real to say. We all are marketing something, even if it is just an idea.


  4. Hi, I am a citizien of Brazil, actually university student of Economy (in 2nd “semestre”). Affiliated in the party of actual government, the PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores – in English, Worker’s Party), I like of Barack Obama and the “public option”, but i dont believe that the government of Barack Obama is running toward socialist future. The government of Barack Obama is “Keynesian” and isn’t socialist, because the objective is “save the free market”. If you are not to have this public option, the “laizess-faire” will be completely fail, causing either civil rebellion or fascism will contain the population and the chaos.

    I Think that the best actual alternative for the liberalism – that has already tested its incompetence – is a socialist production, but not the Socialism of Estate, where the government decides what we will be produced, but a New Socialism, where the corporations, industry, and all production is the property of the workers, and the questions of production, distribution, and etc, are decided by a participatory democracy, where all the population will be workers and will decide the public questions.

    Thank You…


    • I helped a little with your English, but you are right on the mark.

      Although, I would like to say we need to moderate our labels, as I have failed to do here when I wrote this piece because it was in written in the heat of the moment. The right and the left are both made up of the workers that, if they understood and believed it possible, would agree that our goals (if not our means) are the same.


  5. I look forward to when party is more irrelevant, and not even allowed on the ballot. Just the name – so R-Tards can’t go in and think they’re doing us a favor by voting all Red or Blue. You have to at least be able to remember their name…


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