In My Email: Dear Activists in the BuzzFlash Turn Off FOX Campaign Dear Activists in the BuzzFlash Turn Off FOX Campaign,

Thanks to all of you for joining our campaign and helping in the many ways that you can to combat the misinformation perpetuated by FOX News. That said, we have some disappointing news to relate–FOX ratings continues to grow. The other news networks had relatively small gains in recent months, but FOX News has had major ratings bumps. Not only that, but polls have shown that most networks have a reasonably cynical set of viewers — all except for the Republicans who watch FOX. The combination of the ratings jump and the blind trust of the right wing in FOX News has led to many of its personalities to echo the sentiments of FOX President Roger Ailes and respond to any criticism of the network by saying, “Well, we’re the most trusted name in news.”

We cannot let FOX dominate the conversation by dodging valid questions about their judgment by claiming they have the highest ratings. It’s why it’s so important for you to help Turn Off FOX. Obviously, this is not the kind of campaign that is likely to garner a lot of coverage in the news, especially when the highest ratings go to precisely the serial misinformers who seek to ignore it. But it’s nonetheless an effective campaign, even if in small ways and building up. Here’s a story of how one of our readers, Bob Arnold, helped contribute:

I went to one of my favorite restaurants in small town Massillon, Ohio, with my wife where they have a TV in the rear and I always try to get a seat nearby to watch it. FOX News was on and I walked up to it and changed it to MSNBC, saying out loud that I can’t watch the crap that FOX News spews. Another patron nearby said out loud that FOX is all he watches, where I then replied that I felt sorry for him and then sat down with my back to him and started watching MSNBC while being served dinner.

Taking a stand such as Bob has may appear to be a small gesture, but they are precisely the kind of efforts that can and will have, cumulatively, a largest effect. For that, we need your help to spread the word. Not only can you go out and dissuade people from airing FOX, but you can also enlist others to join the campaign. Please forward this e-mail to five friends who could help the cause. If you want to take the campaign out to establishments but don’t know what to say, we offer cards you can print out for free that can do the talking for you. Plus, if anyone you encounter wants evidence of FOX’s lies and manipulations, you can always send them to Turn Off FOX for detailed explanations.

Despite the unfortunate news of FOX’s ratings increase, we know that you are out there and helping to support the cause. We appreciate it very much. Always feel free to send in your success stories as we enjoy reading them, and when possible, relating them to others. It’s part of the beauty of a guerrilla campaign — having the opportunity to relate to the others in the cause. Thanks again for all your help, follow us on Twitter @turnofffox, and no matter how the ratings war goes, remember to choose to Turn Off FOX.

Best Regards,
The BuzzFlash Turn Off FOX Campaign

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