Open Letter to Congress (or how to end fascism) #FYW

Open Letter to Congress (or how to end fascism)

The financial crisis in this country existed for the working poor long before it hit the people in the suburbs. When the same issues that effected the working poor started to effect the suburbs, then the GOP became concerned.  Their concern centers around stopping attempts to help the working poor which are now disproportionately no longer working and have less than the nothing that they had while they were working. Somehow for the GOP, the upper middle class, who pay actually a smaller proportion of their income in taxes than the working poor, have more of a vote.  Clearly Congress does think that we vote with our dollars because they seem to only listen when a lobbyist bellies up to the bar with a suitcase full of money.  I say this with a bit a reservation because the having of things, mostly due the manufactured need of corporate interests, is the bigger problem and independent of any current party that appears to be in the majority or what agenda they espouse. So Congress is just reflecting the values of the people it purports to represent.  I just happen to think this is more true of the GOP.

I would certainly say to the party of NO that the Democrats are indeed debating all the wrong issues first.  The first issues that I would be fighting from now until elections are those that effect the Congress’s personal pocket book.  I would be fighting for election reform that limited terms, allowed only public funding for campaigns along the lines of the UK and created laws ensuring that that they could never obtain personal gain from their unique position from other than their salary while running, during or after their limited term in Congress. I submit that a major real push in this area would change a lot of bluster that is being voiced on the other important issues on which a show of reform is being played out, but will never really happen no matter what appears to be passing in Congress.

Once this real economic debate of election reform was accomplished, then I would expect that Democrats would start acting like Democrats and the GOP would have some real issues to argue about.  This would be because the next logical move for Democrats is to then propose laws to achieve real regulatory reform in all the alphabet soup agencies in Washington by barring the revolving door regulators from private industry nullifying every regulation enacted. This is only real way to have a safe, healthy, sustainable environment and true health care reform that will not bust the budget. However, as long as there is money to be made by making a big show of reform, but leaving the profitable loopholes, then that is all that will be done in Washington until they allow the country (but not the legislators or Wall Street) to go bankrupt. Short of this their is no good faith effort being shown by either party on any issue.

I suppose Republican and Democrats will just go on calling each other corporatists, read fascists, while they each pocket corporate money until some viable alternative parties reveal the real truth, show a viable alternative and come to power. The best options I see are a Progressive opposing a Libertarian party. They both express equal disdain for the ties of government to the corporation from opposite points of view. Most people would be willing consider these opposing views when they are informed by facts and expressed rationally, but slogans used by  doubleplusgood duckspeakers of the current body politic just can no longer pass muster with an informed electorate.

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