John Boehner Said Just The Right Thing

John Boehner Said Just The Right Thing

John Boehner said just the right thing last night citing again his early résumé, stating he has just the right job experience to do the job of Speaker of the House as reported on NPR’s Morning Edition, repeating what was reported in CQ Politics on September 20, 2010 as reposted on Yahoo News:

“Listen, I grew up in a family of 12, my dad owned a bar and, as I like to say, all of the training that I need for my job, I learned growing up. … You grow up in a big family, you have to learn to get along with each other, you have to learn to get things done together, you need to work as a family.”

Boehner added: “You work around a bar, I mopped floors, I cleaned dishes, I waited tables, I tended bar. You have to learn to deal with every character who walks in the door.”

What is missing from this is that most of the service industry of this country does not work for their father, they have no union, they have no health insurance, they have no childcare, and they have to work when they are sick because they have no sick days even though it is a public health hazard. They also know that if they wish to get tips that the customer is always right, and they must suck it up and smile no matter what kind of jerk they have to deal with.  They must ask and remember exactly what the customer wants and never assume anything other than, for all their hard work, that most of the time they will be poorly rewarded.

If this was the future Speaker’s experience as a young man, then we can expect his Republican counterparts will not be happy with him. When you are exposed to the real world in this way, your first thought as a disadvantaged young man is not that while chasing that American dream you will need to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. Rather, your first thought is that you never do it alone and you are thankful for all the help you get along the way.  Somehow I don’t think this will be the way he sees it, but we can hope.

Discipline and hard work can only take you so far.  Only talent, resources and opportunity can take you the rest of the way.  Only those that were well insulated and protected from the rest of the world can come to believe they did it on their own.  This does breed a certain self confidence, self satisfaction and a healthy sense of responsibility for oneself, but not a clear view of our responsibility to the rest of the world or a clear sense that not everyone is as fortunate as ourselves.  Again, let us hope that the future Speaker is talking about real world experience when he remembers his early résumé, because this will be the only thing that can reign in the tea party horse he rode in on.

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  1. Poor John Boehner who grew-up with a father who had his own business! Try to grow-up with a single mother who lost her husband ( my father) at war, and who when asked “Mom, why don’t you eat what you give us” lied saying ” I already ate” – because she often had just enough money to feed only her 3 children. No, Boehner never knew what it meant to be hungry, never had to drink powder milk mixed with too much water because milk is too expensive to buy! The real world? he has no idea of it represents! Not that I wish that he grew up as I did, but I certainly wish that his tears were made of compassion for others and they are not!


  2. Suggest to Americans to go for #NewDawn #Social as example for the world, this means #GlobalSS >1400$/month and #GlobalMinimalWage or #GlobalMinimumWage >14$ per hour (net) as foundation for a Free Market to support Poor & MiddleClass i.p.o. WallStreet and also kick of a Credit System i.p.o. The NWO Alias British Empire Monetarism as described by Lyndon LaRouche, go for America and World towards #GlassSteagall and sure #NAWAPA (extended Nawapa also) and MoonMars (2050!) see each day as I do. And make sure we live on our planet with over 10 Billion citizens in peace, social, terror & war-FREE and Hunger-Free, direct Military Industrial Complex to find Humans way in space and universe i.p.o. working for Greed of a Few in power now. As now seems green policy to reduce world population by 2/3 by 2050. REVERSE THAT AMERICANS! Go for real Social NewDawn of Obama and make sure all of you have good Healthcare, SS & Wages & save the world of Fascistic Corporatism of Military Industrial Complex (GREED!) and go for Sovereign countries all over the Globe. Fixed exchange rates of GlobalEuro or better GlobalDollar for all people to save us from the evil of G20 NWO The Empire of GREED! Thanks a lot!
    – Spread the message and go that way Liberty (Constitution!), Social (NewDawn), Free Market on top of Social System good for all people, fellowsubjects or citizens of the World our Earth or CosmUnity.
    – Jos Duerinck twitter: @CosmUnity @WikiWage @TrudoTwitt


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