GMO: More Unintended Consequences

GMO: More Unintended Consequences
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GMO: More Unintended Consequences
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Just because you can do something does not mean you should.  Some science should stay unexploited (if not unexplored) until such a time that we are mature enough to inhabit the forbidden planet where its secrets hide. Knowledge for knowledge’s sake does not equate to technology for technology’s sake.  Knowing in itself does not have a consequence until it manifests as technology and then it always has consequences.  The trick is to predict and prepare for any negative consequences. When faced with a science that is complex enough to have unpredictable long-term negative consequences, to dive headlong into its exploitation is playing chicken with all life on earth.  If that makes me a Luddite, then so be it.  The alternative is be a lunatic willing to destroy the world.

So What Could Monsanto’s Or Any Biotech’s GMO Lead To Anyway?

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