Dream all the possible dreams

Where and who would you be in your wildest DREAMS?


Walking into stars

Do you ever surf along the starry pathways of your wildest dreams, letting them lead you into greater and greater spaces of pleasure and excitement? No??

Now this is something worth trying. As kids we do it, imagine the craziest things to entertain ourselves, and sometimes to escape a less than perfect life. Pick a dream, any dream, and watch how it expands, how you can feel the feelings the dream calls forth; perhaps you’ve had just whispers of these feelings in the past, but I bet your big dream brings them to a larger scale.

Today I stared off into the distance and let my mind play a bit. I imagined that one of my friends called me up and said, “You’ll never believe it… I just won the lottery… and I’m giving you a million dollars. You’ll never have to worry about money again.”

I let myself

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