Lily of the Valley

iridescent flame

Events of January 31st, 2015

This post is largely about Lilith, a Goddess from the beginnings of creation on Earth. I am not a bible scholar, nor an expert on religion. I write about what I see, feel, hear, and experience. This post and some of the other experiences I’ve had lately may be difficult for some readers to deal with due to their belief systems, and they may disparage my experiences as a result. That is fine, as my experiences may not align with anyone else. However, what I have experienced may very well be a trigger for many, or even enlightening for them. That is why I share.

I am using this image to start this post because it is closer to how I see her now.

Found on atlantisqueen

(Found on atlantisqueen) – Comment posted by Martha Coffey on Pinterest: “LILITH – Jewish folklore defines Lilith as the first wife of Adam…

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