Leadership Tensions: Paradoxes That Keep Us Dancing with our Leadership Story

Lead Me On

“Leadership Freak” blogger Dan Rockwell offered an intriguing list of leadership tensions this week:

The Ten Tensions of Leadership:

  1. Tenacity and kindness.

  2. Vision and openness.

  3. Kindness and candor.

  4. Passion and quietness.

  5. Analysis and initiative.

  6. Planning and people.

  7. Solitude and relationships.

  8. High expectations and helpfulness.

  9. Decisiveness and listening.

  10. Focus and flexibility.

In the lively discussion afterwards, he said he had initially resisted working with such obvious leadership issues, but had found that the straightforward challenges of leadership are both obvious and important! I’ve found that to be true as well, especially when we’re talking about developing interpersonal skills to figure out which side of these leadership tensions to choose in a given moment.

I’d like to add another element to open up broader coping skills in the leadership dance with paradoxical demands: expanding our leadership story so that we have access to the skills we need in the many tense or…

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