National Goddess of Fertility Day

The Perinatal Period @Yoruba Doula

In celebration of National Goddess of Fertility Day, I thought it would be fitting to honor two Yoruba Orisha (goddess, for lack of a better translation), Yemoja and Oshun.

In the West when we think of goddesses, Aphrodite and Venus are among the first that come to mind.  However, in the Yoruba pantheon, Oshun and Yemoja are two of the most revered female Orisha that are worthy of much praise.  Women seek their help in matters of love, women’s health, justice, protection and, naturally, fertility.

Many women adorn waist beads that have been prepared with herbs or other elements that enhance fertility in the colors of Yemoja (blues and greens) and Oshun (yellow and white).  Young girls may receive such beads during adolescence to mark their journeys into womanhood.  Waist beads, traditionally worn underneath clothing invisible to the public, are often used to entice a lover to romance and intimacy.

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