An Essay by Liza Coviello: devynn emory’s Personal Public: On Gender Variance in Performance Art


devynn emory’s Personal Public: On Gender Variance in Performance Art

An essay by Liza Coviello

Work that an artist puts out into the world deserves a conversation, whether that conversation is expected or desired. devynn emory’s Personal Public investigates how one performance artist creates social change, whether knowingly or not, by challenging the status quo and the norms of acceptable representation. Within an open-ended art form, these performances challenge assumptions about our hetero-normative presets, clearing a subtle path towards an alteration of the collective belief system.

My focus as curator for this exhibition is how, through performance, bodies become political irrespective of the performer’s intention. I see devynn’s work as investigating the deconstruction of binary gender and the construction of unassimilated gender, as these ideas intersect with the performance artist and their work. In presenting devynn’s work, I hope to spark a discourse on how the artist and their work…

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