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Ishtarmuz’s: Why Monsanto, An Ex-Chemical Company, Now A BioTech Company, Is Evil #FYW

The reasoning involved in the nature of the evil of an “ex-chemical company” like Monsanto is not rocket science.  We only have to consider a few basic principles.  Once they are accepted as true, the rest follows.  The first principle is that life processes and systems are complex. They are the most complex systems known.  This makes all developing life sciences, especially those involved with the dysfunction and repair of life processes, as much an art as a science.  Those that would  create a product must also be able to maintain and repair it, not only the product, but also any consequence of its use. So the practice of  ’making’  or modifying of  life must equate to the healing of life in its methods in order for it to be a moral enterprise. Those that would improve life must be able to heal it when things go awry. To confuse a practicing art with an applied science is to engage in fraud and quackery of the most unethical and dangerous sort.

via Ishtarmuz’s: Why Monsanto, An Ex-Chemical Company, Now A BioTech Company, Is Evil #FYW.

The Murdoch Empire: How media shapes society

The Murdoch Empire: How media shapes society

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Breitbart’s Big Mouth is Yellow and I Have Seen Elvis

Ishtarmuz’s Rebuttal to: JournoList, Shame of a Nation: An Egregious Conspiracy to Slant the News

Alicia Colon‘s article was posted in Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism on Jul 29th 2010 at 12:01 pm.  The article was originally published in Irish Examiner.

There’s a lot of buzz on the Internet about what has been called the JournoList. This was a private e-mail list maintained by Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein of about 400 journalists, bloggers, and academics who may have colluded in aiding the election of Mr. Obama. Mr. Breitbart is the king of the alternative media and created his “Big” sites to report what was being unreported by the mainstream media. Big Journalism and Big Governmentare … have uncovered scoops … The Acorn scandal … On May 10, Brad Thor posted on Big Government the capture of Taliban leader Mullah Omar in Pakistan, yet to date we haven’t heard…

Working backward up the paragraph, the last two stories are just that, stories. They are nothing but yellow journalism at its worst. They are not even designed just to promote and profit the “news” organization as would the headline of “Elvis sighted on Mars,” but such stories are always designed to target a specific group or set of ideas. News, real news, has no such slant. Though different stories from a news organization may benefit different groups, at times, no news organization can claim to be one, if its stories always benefit one group. Reality slants neither right nor left. The ACORN story has been refuted any number of times for those that care to look, but is repeated, as is the birther idea, and believed from sheer repetition. I prefer the Elvis on Mars story because after you get past the headline you are likely to read that the face on the Martian landscape is being interpreted as being Elvis and the story has more intellectual honesty than anything you are likely to read in right wing rags.  At least we know in the Elvis case that the headline was just meant to sell the story.  As for the Taliban leader, besides the doubted sources, no one has come forward to corroborate the story. I really think Pakistan has captured Elvis.

As for collusion of journalists, well a good story is a good story. Maybe the right are just boring, unless they have something outrageous to say.  You know, like their is a left wing conspiracy to elect the President.

Mr. Breitbart offered a $100,000 reward for anyone who could provide the complete Journolist e-mail sessions and while no one has claimed that reward yet, Tucker Carlson, the editor of the, has released copies of some of the e-mail correspondence. These have been reported on the “Big” sites and Fox News. What they reveal is very disturbing to those who still naively believe that the Fourth Estate is incorruptible. Uncovered is an egregious conspiracy to slant the news for an ideological motive rather than journalistic integrity.

Now I am getting hot. Is this like the Sherrod video or the ACORN video or just the emails from East Anglia?Yes, there is an egregious conspiracy, but it is not on the left. This right wing projection via yellow journalism only works when people are too lazy to go back and look at the story in the full context and check out the sources.  When America fails to do this, then God Damn America.  A man that has real evidence of harm at the hands of another man of a different race is, at least, understandable.  Those that hold such racial opinions because they want to justify continuing to take such advantage, have no such moral ground.  Both are racist, but the latter is a wholly immoral opportunist as well.

The mostly white, liberal, leftist group correspondence suggested ways to cover the 2008 presidential campaign that would benefit Mr. Obama and vilify the McCain/Palin team. Of course, this media bias is not news to anyone on the right, but for the first time there is concrete proof that Mr. Obama was the choice of the mainstream media…

When I consider some of Obama’s detractors in 2008, I look here and here and here, my first three hits on Google. What I see is a pattern of the conservatives not casting the beam from their eye before as they castigate the mote in Obama’s.

As to the mainstream media (MSM)  being on the left  and always in the tank for men such as Barack Obama and his ilk, maybe.   These are men of vision, from the Roosevelt’s on down, and let me just say, that is what sells the story, and it also happens to be what inspires people to get things done. So their has always been a bias for positive well spoken men of vision. It is not quite Elvis on Mars, but it is a good second. As for the JournoList being full of lefties bent on conspiring to get Obama elected or take FOX off the air, well just look here and vote Elvis in 2012.

The right throws around that word conspiracy a lot. Maybe it would be helpful if people read about real conspiracies, then they could decide.  Read here.

It was the same in 1992, when the media was enthralled with Bill Clinton. I well remember watching a satellite feed that picked up CNN’s Larry King giving pointers to the young governor of Arkansas on what to say during his interview. As his poll numbers started to climb, Pres. George H.W. Bush appeared on Mr. King’s show the Friday before the election. That day there was an indictment of Caspar Weinberger in the Iran/Contra case that hadn’t received much notice yet. Mr. King then took calls from the public for the president to answer and, lo and behold, somehow, fantastically, and how conveniently, the caller was George Stephanopoulos, Mr. Clinton’s campaign manager who brought up Iran/contra…

Well, then there is the rest of the story. George H. W. Bush told Larry King to ask him anything! So he did!

Members of the exclusive JournoList were employees of news organizations such as Time, Politico, the Baltimore Sun, the Huffington Post, the Guardian, Salon and The New Republic. Whenever it appeared that there would be negative press about Mr. Obama, the e-mails from contributors would chime in on how to handle it. During the campaign, videos of Mr. Obama’s pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, surfaced showing him angrily denouncing whites, the government and saying, “God damn America.”

These are some of the same news organizations that the CIA planted stories in during the Iran/Conta affair? Maybe some news organizations are just in bed with money, power and profit, and not the left at all? Actually, such values are quite antithetical to most of the left. So the MSM that you label as leftist may be just LINOs with a roar, but actually making back room deals with the right? How is that for conspiracy?

Oprah Winfrey had the good sense to leave his church but apparently Mr. Obama sat through his vitriolic racist sermons for 20 years. …

You did watch the whole video? If you did not, then God Damn America!

JournoLister Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent urged his colleagues to distract the public from the Rev. Wright scandal by accusing conservatives such as Fred Barnes and Karl Rove of being “racists.” …

Accused is too passive a word.  Exposed might be more appropriate.  Those in a position to see the institutional racism and ignore it, or worse, use it to their advantage, are not potential racists, but actual racists.

Chris Hayes of the left-wing publication The Nation was a little more restrained in writing, “I’m not saying we should all rush en masse to defend Wright. If you don’t think he’s worthy of defense, don’t defend him! What I’m saying is that there is no earthly reason to use our various platforms to discuss what about Wright we find objectionable.”

And this is where they moved greatly from the left to their shame.  It was the time then, and it is still the time now, to talk about racism.

The Journolist e-mail comments were especially vitriolic against V.P. candidate Sarah Palin and were later reflected in … articles by the members of the group. If you ever wondered why this woman was so viciously attacked, you can blame the influence of this rat pack of pseudo-journalists.

This doesn’t even deserve a comment. I would laugh, but I feel sad because I fear too many people actually believe in this swamp land you are peddling. If you think Sarah Palin is representative of women in this country, then God bless you.  If not knowing anything is an advantage, then you may be right because Republicans that should have known better didn’t do so well.

The is leaking the e-mails as they come in and I urge everyone to take a peek at this site to view the machinations of the intellectual elite who think we’re too stupid to think for ourselves.

Yes, go look and see for yourselves. Please do. I want you to see all these emails in full  and comment on them in blogs around the Internet, not just opinions on snippets read out of context as seen on the right wing blogs. By the way, what did they say about Elvis?

The site recently released the names and photographs of the JournoList participants and it was dismaying to me to see one of my former colleagues among them. I knew the young man was not as conservative as I was but I thought he was a good reporter. He left the paper for a better paying opportunity and perhaps abandoned his scruples as well. He garnered a lot of attention and made his name… Like the Rolling Stone article that sank General McChrystal…

It is amazing how fast you can rise when you see the world like your boss. It is a natural tendency for some. For other less brave souls that cannot agree, but stay silent, they stay shackled to where they are, being held done, and dishonest to themselves. It is neither being a sell out, nor luck, when talent meets opportunity and the brave soul takes it. As for the Rolling Stone, they interviewed a soldier put in a position he could no longer believe in, he spoke honestly, and they printed it.  I would call that real journalism and integrity all around.

I lost a lot of respect for that young man and I am not surprised that he felt comfortable being among other back-stabbers.

When you blithely stand by and watch silently what you consider wrong, then you have no integrity at all.  Nobody and nothing deserves a person’s blind allegiance, such is the makings of a Nazi Germany.

Unfortunately, no matter how many smoking guns expose the corruption in the Fourth Estate, there are still too many people who hear only one side of the news. Even though the mainstream media numbers keep declining they still control the major outlets. It’s no surprise that the administration will continue to turn every incident into a race issue…

This is absurd on two counts. The first is that you may be right that the big five corporate giants in the media world are corrupt, but not in the way you maintain, they will follow or slant just about anything that they think will make them money.  It is a perception by the corporatists that they, not the left, God forbid, can maintain control.  If it appears they support the left, then clearly it is a deliberate illusion, because it is not in their financial interest to do so.  So clearly someone is posing drivel. The second  issue is that race has never been brought up by the Administration until it has been thrown in their faces.  The Administration has been and continues to make the error of not bringing up race more as they had promised to do.  I need not point out that every time anyone puts black, hispanic, native, or white in front of any pronoun it lessens it. Barack Obama is The President, not The Black President. Were all the other ones, The White Presidents?  So on both counts, this clearly right wing projection.

Ishtarmuz’s Rebuttal to: Cracks in King Obama’s Armor: Winning in November

This is my Rebuttal to: Cracks in King Obama’s Armor the original post by Darla, ADMIN / National Director on July 10, 2010 View Darla, ADMIN / National Director’s blog which is full of such nonsense as I am rebutting here:

Ishtarmuz’s Rebuttal to: Cracks in King Obama’s Armor: Winning in November

The past few weeks have been like a tsunami of unfolding events that lead to the White House Steps. Everyday it seems as though we discover another hairline fracture in King Obama’s armor and a chain of connections to Marx and Alinsky followers.

Here we go again with another bogeyman article about Communists under the bed.  Don’t you know that Americans are more concerned with the real Corporate bullies backing the whole government machinery in this country?  You know, the kind that fund front groups like the Grassfire organization? If you think people are as naive and trusting as they were in the last century, then you are thankfully mistaken. It is people like yourself that are endangering this country with your fascist rhetoric, and your fear of your worldview toppling is just unfortunate.

I remember early in the presidential campaign Obama said “if you want to know who I am look at who I associate with” unlike the many who were in a deep sleep, I took that statement serious and thus began my search and quest to discover the real Obama.

President Obama’s point is that he associates with everyone, unlike exclusionary people that have decided by some label who they should not be associated with beforehand.

Between the handy research of Glenn Beck and … other[s]… these associations as none other than George Soros, The Tides Foundation, The Muslim faith, SEIU, ACORN, William Ayres, Jeremiah Wright, and the Communist Party, among many others.

Oh, I am so scared.  Now if he was associated with Rupert Murdoch on a regular basis and took money from him, then I would be horrified. Let me just say that a high graduate non-journalist misogynist antisemitic bigot as Glenn Beck is such a reputable source that I will not even question it. The proof is there for all to see.

King Obama’s associations run deep in the theology he embraces and governs from. A theology, I believe, that will lead to the demise of the Hope and Change victor from the 2008 election. The fractures in the armor are growing, the lies, the deception, the theology he clutches, the associations he supposedly never had…

This is unlike the Republicans that cost us our civil liberties and more for an unjustified war that we have spent more on than any social programs in generations. Money that will line corporate pockets for generations. Money that no doubt can be traced directly back to the conservative astroturf backers of the front groups you have so wrong- headedly decided to promote.

King Obama’s daily goals are simple… (I can’t repeat her bullshit.)

Not as simple as your goals. You want to repeat the sound bites of such incestuous fake news sources as reported by Fox News clowns that read like any other narcissistic scandal sheet of  Rupert Murdoch’s. This may have worked in the 20th century, but we are not so ignorant these days. Who knows, some of these groups might even become as successful as Glenn Beck at losing sponsors and for the very same reasons.

This dictator truly wants to reshape America into a socialistic regime of the elite and the poor, dumb, working class that is completely dependent on government. His associates have been …

You haven’t got a clue. It was just such rhetoric as yours that have always led dictators to power.  You fight against a label you think others will fear, even though it you claim it to be something it is not, and label yourself in some  flag waving names to cover up (sometimes even to yourself) what you are really doing. The Nazi’s were no more socialists than the the Soviets were Communists.  They were both dictatorial fascists, what we now know as corporatists, and that is where this country is going if the patriotic tea party has it’s way.  Who, may I ask, will stand up against corporations bigger than governments if we remove the government controls on them? I am so livid at the moment. I find it hard to write, but I will fight you with every ounce of my being.

These people are his friends, associates, mentors, advisors, czars, and his staff. The well-constructed walls of deception are starting to crumble. Honest people are stepping up and telling the truth as in the whistleblower case regarding the New Black Panthers and the Department of Justice. …

I judge a man by the content of his character and the quality of his thought.  I don’t care where he was born and I swear to God that the Republicans have been associating with the devil himself and you have bought it hook, line and sinker. You have shown yourself to be shallow, hateful and deceitful.  Your kind and those you would have ruling this country, I have nothing but contempt for.

Yes, the walls are crumbling and all those on the wall will find themselves like Humpty Dumpty, broken up and unable to repair the damage done to themselves or their careers when this is all brought out into the light of day. Well deserving too considering their plan to destroy America’s Republic, Capitalism, the Constitution, the financial structure, the global perspective of the US…

You…The Republicans, and their ilk, had brought this country to it’s knees.  President Obama has successfully kept us from disaster repeatedly, but all you seem to be able to point out are the failures that any reader can see were placed on his doorstep by Republicans.  Why do I want to blame Rupert Murdoch for this?  I would agree on one point though, to the degree that President Obama remains in bed with these corporate bastards, he has failed.  That is also well documented.  Why have you not spoken about that failure?

The most important action we can take this year is simply to “Get the Vote Out”. …

Yes America, you must vote because your life depends on it.

We can take the power away from the radical people in the House of Representatives and the Senate but it will take working an effective strategy. …

Yes, all those radicals that line their pockets with corporate money need to go.

By volunteering to campaign, making phone calls in tight races, or donating to a party, candidate, or group working on our behalf we can bring those walls down. …

Remember also that you vote with your dollars every day.

To view the schedule of primaries and candidate filing dates go here:

If you want to investigate more about Darla Dawald  and her organization then see below:

Darla Dawald, National Director The Patriotic Resistance A Grassfire Nation Website

This is Dale West (Ishtarmuz) awaiting your decision.

In My Email: Dear Activists in the BuzzFlash Turn Off FOX Campaign Dear Activists in the BuzzFlash Turn Off FOX Campaign,

Thanks to all of you for joining our campaign and helping in the many ways that you can to combat the misinformation perpetuated by FOX News. That said, we have some disappointing news to relate–FOX ratings continues to grow. The other news networks had relatively small gains in recent months, but FOX News has had major ratings bumps. Not only that, but polls have shown that most networks have a reasonably cynical set of viewers — all except for the Republicans who watch FOX. The combination of the ratings jump and the blind trust of the right wing in FOX News has led to many of its personalities to echo the sentiments of FOX President Roger Ailes and respond to any criticism of the network by saying, “Well, we’re the most trusted name in news.”

We cannot let FOX dominate the conversation by dodging valid questions about their judgment by claiming they have the highest ratings. It’s why it’s so important for you to help Turn Off FOX. Obviously, this is not the kind of campaign that is likely to garner a lot of coverage in the news, especially when the highest ratings go to precisely the serial misinformers who seek to ignore it. But it’s nonetheless an effective campaign, even if in small ways and building up. Here’s a story of how one of our readers, Bob Arnold, helped contribute:

I went to one of my favorite restaurants in small town Massillon, Ohio, with my wife where they have a TV in the rear and I always try to get a seat nearby to watch it. FOX News was on and I walked up to it and changed it to MSNBC, saying out loud that I can’t watch the crap that FOX News spews. Another patron nearby said out loud that FOX is all he watches, where I then replied that I felt sorry for him and then sat down with my back to him and started watching MSNBC while being served dinner.

Taking a stand such as Bob has may appear to be a small gesture, but they are precisely the kind of efforts that can and will have, cumulatively, a largest effect. For that, we need your help to spread the word. Not only can you go out and dissuade people from airing FOX, but you can also enlist others to join the campaign. Please forward this e-mail to five friends who could help the cause. If you want to take the campaign out to establishments but don’t know what to say, we offer cards you can print out for free that can do the talking for you. Plus, if anyone you encounter wants evidence of FOX’s lies and manipulations, you can always send them to Turn Off FOX for detailed explanations.

Despite the unfortunate news of FOX’s ratings increase, we know that you are out there and helping to support the cause. We appreciate it very much. Always feel free to send in your success stories as we enjoy reading them, and when possible, relating them to others. It’s part of the beauty of a guerrilla campaign — having the opportunity to relate to the others in the cause. Thanks again for all your help, follow us on Twitter @turnofffox, and no matter how the ratings war goes, remember to choose to Turn Off FOX.

Best Regards,
The BuzzFlash Turn Off FOX Campaign

Ishtarmuz’s: Why Monsanto, An Ex-Chemical Company, Now A BioTech Company, Is Evil #FYW

Why Monsanto, An Ex-Chemical Company, Now A BioTech Company, Is Evil

by Ishtarmuz

The reasoning involved in the nature of the evil of an “ex-chemical company” like Monsanto is not rocket science.  We only have to consider a few basic principles.  Once they are accepted as true, the rest follows.  The first principle is that life processes and systems are complex. They are the most complex systems known.  This makes all developing life sciences, especially those involved with the dysfunction and repair of life processes, as much an art as a science.  Those that would  create a product must also be able to maintain and repair it, not only the product, but also any consequence of its use. So the practice of  ’making’  or modifying of  life must equate to the healing of life in its methods in order for it to be a moral enterprise. Those that would improve life must be able to heal it when things go awry. To confuse a practicing art with an applied science is to engage in fraud and quackery of the most unethical and dangerous sort.

Before the chemical companies like Monsanto became biotechnology companies they only dealt with chemicals that interacted with life processes.  Repeatedly chemical companies like Monsanto produced new chemicals (thousands daily now)  that  they had no way of knowing what the full long term effects would be on living systems.  They were released without sufficient study. I know this because the needed pre-release experiments would have involved the study of such long term high level multivariate interactions that it would have been impossible to do these experiments in principle (though some have theorized it was possible albeit too costly to perform such experiments in practice).  In actual practice the environment itself was the testing ground, and the lawyers and the public relations propagandists delayed the inevitable lawsuits until a profit could be turned, a subsidiary company divested and the inevitable move to another product accomplished.  This is the model set by Monsanto over its hundred year history. Just think asbestos, saccharin, PCBs, DDT,  Agent Orange (dioxin), BGH, aspartamefluoride, mercuryGMOs, monocultureNazis, nuclear waste & News Corporation when you consider Monsanto.  You might add morgellons syndrome and mass bee death to that list, but that seems premature without more evidence. Yet the evidence mounts, for the bees, for the morgellons, and for the cover-up. In some real sense this all appears to be a final Solutia scenario for mankind and an awesome business plan.

Let us not forget the biggest piece to this warped pattern of corporate amorality, that of government contracts and mandates. The growth and cover of these corporate giants was through government contracts. Wars and  rumors  of war provide unlimited funding for research and development and also unlimited cover from equitable prosecution under sovereign immunity. They did it because the government asked them to do it and the  government had to do it because they were at war.  This is the real secret behind the congressional military industrial complex.

This brings us to yet another startling piece of the puzzle.  When you are at war you also have the patriotic duty to work for less under less safe conditions and companies don’t have time to worry about the consequences of this to their workers, let alone the general population.  Pollution standards can be lowered in the name of patriotism with the added benefit that your product can be freely marketed through government propaganda.

It is one thing when these companies are given a hand up by providing materials for war; it is yet another thing when these chemical products are changed to civilian uses, but retain the same standards and agreements as were used for the military at war. This was root of the old style fascism, and its more modern guise of corporatism.

It was bad enough when it was just harmful chemicals disbursed by Monsanto, now permanently lodged in every living thing on earth, that were the product of chemical reactions, but now they want to exponentiate the level of their catastrophic failure to the level of biological reactions.  Monsanto wants you to believe that they are both competent and moral enough to patent life and license its product in combination with the same subsidiary chemicals that they released to the detriment of billions around the globe. If they couldn’t consider the interaction of molecules, in principle, then even the lowest forms of life must still be beyond their reach. When further understanding of epigenetics reveals subtle negative effects, none of the crop scientists will be able to hide behind ignorance, given the warnings of the clear and present danger. So they need hide the facts as long as possible and hope no own notices until they turn a profit. Can competition regulate such abuses? Like Spain during colonial exploration, if you can’t kill the natives, marry them.  The model works so well everyone has copied it.

The truth of this will not be easy to harvest given that it is first mowed, then raked and then key Monsanto figures are baled and placed in the government barn later to be fed to the company herd and their seeds used to replant the Monsanto fields, all using huge lobbying machines. It makes me shudder to consider the human impact and the impact on higher order systems of this agro-political business growth model. Consider such a company having complete control over the world food supply, or having a monopoly on life itself.  Also consider the faux science needed to convince people that GMOs are safe compared with Monsanto’s history of lies. God forbid that the next tool of war becomes food. Maybe war will become obsolete given that corporations can rape and pillage the world with impunity as they brainwash the remaining vestiges of the domesticated (mute) populis. Perhaps this is a bit overstated. I wouldn’t want anyone to dismiss this as just another conspiracy theory. Every aficionado of the subject knows that there is always just one conspiracy and everything ties into it. However, you might want to see how a real conspiracy theory against Monsanto would look by clicking here.

The only morality a corporation like Monsanto has is its profit.  Death is the golden skeleton that is the cost of such companies doing business.  Such is the nature of evil. I am not saying profit is evil, but those that profit from death are manifesting evil incarnate.

The linkage I make of biotech with medicine is no shallow metaphor.  The ethical credo of these companies must have in it a ‘do no harm‘ provision. The researchers in these companies also must follow the tripartite role model of the physician as a clinician, public health expert and scientist. To date all we have seen is Doctor Josef Mengele when it comes to Monsanto and its ilk. The even scarier part of all this that they have formed their own triangle of trade by becoming Biotech companies by way of pharmaceutical companies.  So they get to treat the very illnesses they have created, but no one is going to believe this until the myths of their pseudoscience are debunked.

The governments around the world are considering going after Monsanto based on antitrust laws.  If this effort were real, then they would be going after companies like Monsanto under RICO-like statutes.  By doing so they would not just be forcing them to APPEAR to break up the monopolies by divesting into interlocking directorates, but they would be empowered to place direct government oversight over the corporations continually engaging in illegal and immoral activity.

One of my readers of my original post on this subject had a point. I was painting with too broad a brush and I had no plan or alternative. I just have a hard time believing that any of the Chemical Companies were or are in any way moral. However, since I had only collected history on Monsanto, I rewrote this article as Monsanto specific. Yet, I don’t see them as the only creators of Frankenstein. They are just a major player.

He wrote:

Posted by productionengineer on January 5, 2010 at 11:16 pm

Now that you’ve defined the problem, two questions emerge: a)What do you propose be done from here forward? and b)What alternative would you have preferred in the past?

You posit that that “chemical companies” produced all sorts of new chemicals without sufficient study, since truly sufficient study would be impossible. Are you suggesting then that none of these developments should have been allowed in the first place? If so, where are you drawing the line between “chemical companies” and “manufacturing companies (non-chemical)”? No, the line is NOT obvious. Polytetrafluoroethylene, computer chips, Gatorade, Cheerios, sewage treatment – which is on the “good” or “bad” side of the line.

Have some companies performed unconscionably? I’d be a fool to deny that. Do blanket statements across all industries do much outside of the talk show circuit? Not really.

My issue here is mostly not that they do damage, the issue is that they lie about it, cover it up and set it up to do it again and again and again. Risk is essential, yes, otherwise we never get anywhere. The problem is that we need to be informed participants in the risk, not guinea pigs.

The other lesson here is that you can be too big. Once you are big enough to control governments, then governments instituted for, by and of the people  must control you. There is little choice here. Either corporations submit to ethical control or we all remain slaves to the corporation.

As for the obvious solutions, well the dirty fucking hippies had it right all along. Small systems with self sustaining technology would work. This is exactly what the giant monopolies are fighting tooth and nail to debunk. Hopefully in the last forty years we have learned enough to not let the bastards grind us down this time. Illegitimi non carborundum or more correctly operor retineo non forensis liberi attero vos.

If you think these ideas are hyperbole and that their exists peer reviewed research that contradicts what I am saying, then you have not read the Bruce Stutz article on why such true peer reviewed research has yet to be done.

For a concise history of Monsanto, check out the idiot cycle and maybe some of you might want to crawl through a hole in the fence and learn how to avoid GMO foods.

You also might like: After Monsanto’s GM Meltdown in the USA or look at the next mad cow disease.

If you think that Monsanto might just be an isolated case, look at its mirror Dupont and how they are working in concert with Monsanto and the government.

If you feel helpless in the face of all this, then consider bolo’bolo or a more artistic approach.

For some more history look here and here and here and here and here.

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Gold, God, Guns, Glory & Glenn

What is happening? The collapse of Glenn Beck.

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