res severa verum gaudium

res severa verum gaudium

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“…if you’re always complaining and belit

“…if you’re always complaining and belittling your own power in reality, you will not think you have the power to change it. And thus it will never change.”

Knowing Where to Suck | Singing to the P

Knowing Where to Suck | Singing to the Plants

Shamanism and Curanderismo: The Approach

Shamanism and Curanderismo: The Approach to Healing in Peru – Reality Sandwich

There is only one journey. Going inside yourself (Rainer Maria Rilke)


We are nearing the last month of the year. I love this time as November is when I start looking at my achievements and life path before the new year. I am focusing on completing projects, closing some chapters in my life and opening the doors for the new to enter. Deep. Painful. Exciting. Soul satisfying. Meaningful.

This time it is my book that is nearing completion. Part of finishing my first draft was to gain an overview of the Heart Project and the scope of my book but I gained so much more than a finished first draft. I learnt about a whole new world- the world of transformation, which we all crave and dread at the same time because it comes with change and it requires fierce work-questioning, honesty and a nosedive into the unprocessed reality of our life. Writing my book has helped me tremendously to understand…

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An Ayahuasca Ceremony Can Change Your Li

An Ayahuasca Ceremony Can Change Your Life — As Long as You’re Willing to Vomit | L.A. Weekly

Social Security Works for the United Sta

Social Security Works for the United States 2016 | Social Security Works

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