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Did Romney Commit Felony By Lying about Bain?

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Romney Lies

Romney Lies

UK Coal miners strike 1984-85. Lessons for today.

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1984 -85 Miners’ strike, Britain


An Epic Struggle

Ciaran Mulholland

Twenty years ago this month the great miners’ strike began. For a year 140,000 members of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) were engaged in a titanic battle with Margaret Thatcher’s Tory government and the full force of the state.

Ultimately, they went down to defeat but it was an honourable defeat. It was a dispute that would have been won were it not for the betrayal of the right wing trade union and labour leadership.

The miners’ strike was deliberately engineered by the Tory government. They saw the NUM as the backbone of the labour movement, and rightly so. The NUM had inflicted defeats on Tory governments in 1972 and 1974, effectively bringing down Edward Heath in the latter case. For a decade, the ruling class made their plans, determined that they would not be defeated for a third time. Indeed in 1981 they backed away from a possible confrontation, judging that the time was not yet right.

In 1979, the Thatcher government began to plan for the ultimate privatisation of the coal industry. The Coal Industry Act (1980) replaced production targets with financial targets. The financial targets were set so high that they could only be met by closing ’uneconomic’ collieries. The Act was intended to make the industry more attractive to private investors. [more]

‪Noam Chomsky – Free Market Fantasies: Capitalism In The Real World (Full Lecture)‬‏

‪Noam Chomsky – Free Market Fantasies: Capitalism In The Real World (Full Lecture)‬‏

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Noam Chomsky on Technology, Military and Education

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What The Teuton Said

by Ishtarmuz

Consider the old bigoted canards of 19th and 20th Century psuedoscience suggesting a genetic underpinning to the tides of various ethnic thinking.  Is their any truth to the Teutonic character? I would say no, on principle, since I think it a stereotype, considering even ones backed by some evidence as  illusionary. . .


. . . However, I am  not thinking particularly about the Teutonic authoritarian personality, but just the authoritarian personality. Maybe, the cultural ethos in this part of the world historically led to more people so characterized, maybe not. There may be some evidence that rigid upbringing might play a large role in the making of a racist expression of narcissistic rage endemic to such unempathetic worldviews. I would be loath to consider such evidence because the evidence itself rubs against the grain of my liberal view of how the world works. With that in mind, consider I must, the building of national characters with the rise of nationalism speaking more to the role of nurture rather than to nature.


So, given a child before they are three, can you make them a Hitler or an Einstein? Within limits. This, at least, moves the idea out of the genetic to the behavioral regime, a place where the more behavioral among us would be happy to consider. Flash. Dark. Though I fear any day now to hear about a study showing convincing evidence for the existence of a genetic predisposition for all sorts of very specific behaviors, not the least of which would be the fear of thunder.


The selective attention and reinforcement of what an in-group feels valuable to its survival can be quite over-determined by framing specific memories into the historic examples that prove simplistic bivalent beliefs. Flash. Dark. Given the right circumstances, the right narcissistic mirror could and did rise to power more than once to reflect all the rage that slumbers in the depths of generationally ingrained racist self fulfilling prophecies. Such is the manner that Hitlers are made, not born.

Those taught to not question authority, that duty and honor are more important than empathy and flexibility, and that property is more important than fraternity, all explain how nationalism has always trumped liberalism from the French Revolution onward.  So what do you say of Milgram’s experiment?  In just a simple setting with a person of authority asking you to shock someone to death on a lame pretext, over sixty percent complied. Does that not suggest that we, like in theLord of Flies, live with just a thin veneer of civilization ready to explode into anarchy leading to a slavery promoted by the next demagogue that captures our imagination?

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Ishtarmuz in Response to Mark Williams’ Letter to Abe Lincoln, Wrote Ayn Rand.

Ishtarmuz in response to Mark Williams’ letter to Abe Lincoln, Wrote Ayn Rand.

Dear Ayn Rand,

I know you meant well, but I am sure you know by now how many of your abstract ideas have been twisted by misguided non-colored people.  You as a thinker would be the first to point out that there are no non-colored people, except maybe the albinos. You would also be quick to point out that the same oppressive bigoted thought process that you escaped that lead to pogroms has raised its head using your philosophy as its banner.  You would also be quick to point out that this was to be expected. The primary tool of those that would go beyond garnering a fair profit from a valued product (that being the cornerstone of the unknown capitalist ideal) is to claim that someone is stealing the food from their mouths, the reverse of your argument that a socialist  unjustly feels the guilt of depriving those that need more than they.  You would also claim your ideal is still not known for the same reasons. That, and the fact that ownership implies no fair profit, since ‘it’s mine’, and we don’t even have to consider that the product is often really someone else’s that I am profiting off, or that the ‘product’ may have no substance to it at all. That is why your characters built buildings and ran railroads.


The libertarians in reading the vast landscapes of your capitalist heroes see themselves as responsible for creating the world.  Two points to note here are that, one, libertarians are loath to actually take the responsibility for the damages done to this world that they are so sure they created, and two, they, unlike thinkers like yourself,  think that since they own the world that they created, they are sure that they can do with it what they will. This arrogance and hubris is what got their Satan cast out of Heaven. They clearly can’t see this, or if they do, then they might hear that diabolical laugh behind it.


You surely understand that no one is an island; each is a piece of the continent.  No one does it alone. You not only stand on the shoulders of those that came before you, but also you stand on the shoulders of those that stand abreast of you.  When you don’t acknowledge this is true, then you risk riding their backs and trampling their necks.  This is why we are often thought to be Ugly Americans.


You would be the first to point out flaws in the arguments that we are not Ugly Americans even though you so often blindly loved your adopted country. The arguments that everyone wants to come here and emulate us, as slaves may come to love their masters, and that a good business model like Monsanto’s will be copied around the world, have no place in a rational civil discourse. Any more than ideas like, some of my best friends are capitalists, or I am glad to see Russians were accepted into the house.


Those that value only objects, objectify themselves and those around them.  The power that anyone has over you is based on your agreement that the objects that they value, you do also. When you aren’t interested in what they have, then they have no power over you. No group can fully assimilate under the power of this collective capitalist ideal unless, one, they see that people are valued over things, and two, that they have equal opportunity to access to those things. The record speaks for itself.

Oh yes, and we patriotic white people gotta stick together on this.

Looking forward to your reply,


Are Health Insurance Companies Committing Genocide?

To all the philosophers out there I have a question.  What is the difference in essence between true pure democracy and true pure communism or true pure capitalism and true pure socialism given that there is no true or pure anything? The question may be moot given the notion of essence is chockfull of fallacies.  Even so, my answer is that there is little difference between them to the masses out there three paychecks away from having nothing.

The only use those political and economic buzzwords like communism and capitalism have achieved is to foster the same hate, cruelty, manipulation and inequity in the marketplace of ideas as organized religion has done.  When we all truly have a vote, then any system of politics, economics and religion will do.  We will all remain slaves to the marketplace of ideas as long as we rely on others to do our critical thinking for us.  No predigested half-baked ideas can serve a truly free society.

When you openly discuss an idea all the information must be laid bare.  What is the source of the information? Does big tobacco really care about your freedom or just your money?  Who sponsors the speaker and the sources? Does big business really care about the quality of your life? What is in it for them and me?  Can we really change the course of big government or of big business? We vote for government officials and vote with our dollars for the businesses we frequent. What if they are lying?  Do we have a choice of civil disobedience or boycott? How much discomfort will you take to be free?  If what they say is true, then what really is the worst that can happen? Will the world really end if we clean up the unethical decisions made by big business and big government?  These questions are just as valid in all systems.  You always vote by your actions.  If your action is to fail to act, then you deserve what you get because you have made your choice.

As soon as you hear the word unpatriotic watch out for your wallet and your freedom, because what the patriotic buzzwords mean is that they have no good rational reason for what they are saying. Buy American is one of those ideas.  What happened to free market capitalism and buying the best product for the money? We must support our government at all costs.  All costs?  Even at the cost of our freedoms? The rule of law is supreme.  What if we want to change or interpret the law to make it fair for all? States have rights reserved to themselves.  Even when they use those rights to enslave large segments of its population under a Orwellian ‘right to work’ law to support business interests? Don’t let the government touch my health insurance.  If the government never touched your health insurance, then you would never have insurance when you needed it. If you think this is all just semantics, then consider the word Medicare.

The interesting point in this line of thought is that the most abusive language that conservative’s slur liberals with, such as unpatriotic communist and socialist positions, are those positions held by our health insurance industry. They put people in communistic risk pools and through cost benefit analysis are allowed to commit genocide (i.e., on the sick and feeble) on large segments of the population. The government protects them in making these decisions that the government is not allowed to make.  Even if they are no longer allowed to do this as a protected monopoly, they will now compete to see whom they can kill in the most cost-effective manner.  This sounds a lot like the worst abuses of communism and socialism.

If this sounds a bit too strong a characterization of health insurance industry, then why would they be fighting so hard this clear attempt to help people? Why would they be pushing so hard to have an opt out option? They are an ethical business are they not?  They believe in a fair profit, right? They believe in the ideals of free choice, right? If abortion can be considered genocide, then surely the actions of our health insurers are as well. So what rational reason would the health insurance industry oppose the public option? Maybe they think it is unpatriotic or communistic? Clearly it is a conspiracy. I am sure this is the view of the true believers in our fascist state occasioned by the Republican administrations dismantling of the checks and balances which held corporatism at bay, but wait, the thugarchy of the right will spin this effectively into a liberal projection strategy.

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