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Ignorance Is Strength – A Republican Changes History And Literature By Spreading Ignorance

There is a sadly misinformed blog article written by Catherine Forester that is so bad that I could not resist rebutting it. Obama Plays Evil Capitalist With ‘Other’ People’s Money was written by  an Orlando Republican Examiner on September 19, 2011.It starts with this piece of tripe:

 Left wingers say that capitalism has failed. It is evil! They believe the only good society is a socialist society where everyone is paid equally ‘by the government’. Equality for everybody! 

In 1945 George Orwell wrote the allegorical Animal Farm exposing Stalin’s communism. Animals (with human characteristics) were exposed to the ‘wonders’ of socialism but through evil, ignorance and greed, the ‘society’ soon evolved into ‘leaders’ and ‘workers’ or as Orwell explained: “Some are ‘more’ equal than others”.

Clearly she knows few “left wingers” because I can’t find more than a handful that will sit still to listen to communist ideas. I say unambiguously communism because that was the system allegorized by Animal Farm. Note that communism is a form of government.  Socialism, which is an economic system, is what many of the mixed economies of the developed world choose to call their economy.  It is also should be noted that it was not even communism that George Orwell was allegorizing, but how such systems can be so easily corrupted. Also it must be pointed out that George Orwell was a socialist.

Socialist liberals like Barack Hussein Obama believe that they are the ones ‘more equal’ and the rest of us are simply ‘workers’. These liberals love capitalism as long as they can acquire billions of dollars of the ‘workers’ money to spend on their ‘pet projects’ or on themselves.

Only someone that could not even look at Wikipedia article or take a few hours to actually read a book written at a child’s reading level as Animal Farm could so boldly assert that our President Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist liberal (or equate him to anything in Animal Farm) when any sighted person could see that even his moderate base is often disgusted with his actions which clearly move to right so often. As for the far left, I am sure that is far beyond her ken.  We have no leaders save thought, no wealth save creativity and no agenda save truth.  I can safely say that although most of the far left voted for our President believing he would do much more than he has, and they will probably do so again with no better choice.  They disagree with him more strongly than she does.  Unlike her, however, they understand what being  a socialist really means. President Obama is sadly, no socialist.  However, if the right continue to trash the economy to make him look bad, then maybe we will see some viable socialist candidates. So Republicans. Knock yourself out.

One of Obama and liberals’ pet projects is ‘Green Energy’…

Not one environmentalist I know thinks Obama is actually “green” at all. His actions have repeatedly said otherwise, but that requires reading.  As for the “scandal” piece that I snipped, you can go to the original article. All I have to say it that it all boils down to the math challenged GOP and failure to say just how much much the failed investment represented of the total  (less than 1%)  and that we actually lag behind Germany and China in such investment.

Obama does not have the brains to be a capitalist with his own money, he has to use our tax dollars.  …

This sentence is just rude, arrogant and ignorant. What someone does with their own money is irrelevant and the President has no power of the purse. The President does nothing with your money and to suggest he does is slander because it is illegal. This is the GOP pissing contest. You are not worthy unless you can piss higher.  Go ahead GOP piss higher.

I can’t go on with this. She makes me tired.

2.5 years ago BP Oil gave Obama a million dollars in campaign funds and his MMS (Minerals Management Service) then waived safety violations and let BP drill deeper than anyone else and – voila – the Gulf Oil Spill. The media covered up this ‘campaign money cronyism’ pretty fast.  Obama did what liberals always do – changed the name’ of MMS to BOEMRE (Bureau of Ocean Management, Regulation and Enforcement).  This is how liberals fix scandals – they change names. Remember ACORN?  (  Look at the word ‘liberal’. After Americans understood that ‘liberal’ meant ‘tax and spend’, liberals began calling themselves ‘progressives’.

The first sentence is a bald face deception. Yes, BP contributed most to candidate Barack Obama, but overall BP contributed and contributes more to Republicans. They have to spread the money around because they don’t know who will win.  However, anyone with eyes can see they have owned the GOP much longer. There is that GOP math again.

As for ACORN, well, I would have had those that orchestrated the entrapment, doctored the videos and knowing pushed a false story indicted. Who knows if an investigation of Rupert Murdoch crosses the pond, then maybe it will happen.

In 13 months America gets to decide whether they want to continue the liberal experiment of socialism where everyone, except for the ‘rulers’, become wards of the government or go back to Reagan conservatism where each individual is free and can prosper. European socialist countries have depended on the United States capital economy to keep them afloat but since Obama is determined to destroy capitalism – Europe is collapsing under their socialist weight.  Obama has worked hard to destroy the American economy and has caused millions of people to lose their jobs and millions of people to lose their homes and their hope. This is what socialism does. 

Of course, liberal is such a broad term that it is meaningless.  Ron Paul’s social views are often liberal.  He would, for example, legalize many victimless crimes compared with our liberal democrats who often disagree with any such ideas.

I can see that the GOP math and reading challenge is really active in her last paragraph.  Anyone can look up what Ronald Reagan actually did.  So GOP you just go and continue to tout his values and actions.

And as for the economy,  anyone that thinks that the world economy was not dragged down mostly by deregulated banks, speculators and investors is just delusional.

Barack Hussein Obama and his ‘followers’ are hypocrites. They seek capitalists’ money for their political campaigns and they fawn over their ‘capitalist’ friends (such as Warren Buffett and Robert Rubin) while they try to destroy capitalism. They love socialism – but – only when they are the ones ‘more equal’. 

OMG. No she didn’t.  Capitalist money? Now she is just being a plan flat out fool.  Money does not take an adjective lest it be foolish.  And if it did take that one, then those damned capitalist just better fix this this world they created and apparently own before someone comes along and burns the rest of it down for them. I begin to think they may be hoping for that, so they can collect the insurance money on all their ‘capitalist’ investments that appear to not be worth what they paid for them.

You can see the original article in all its glory by clicking the link below:

UK Coal miners strike 1984-85. Lessons for today.

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1984 -85 Miners’ strike, Britain


An Epic Struggle

Ciaran Mulholland

Twenty years ago this month the great miners’ strike began. For a year 140,000 members of the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) were engaged in a titanic battle with Margaret Thatcher’s Tory government and the full force of the state.

Ultimately, they went down to defeat but it was an honourable defeat. It was a dispute that would have been won were it not for the betrayal of the right wing trade union and labour leadership.

The miners’ strike was deliberately engineered by the Tory government. They saw the NUM as the backbone of the labour movement, and rightly so. The NUM had inflicted defeats on Tory governments in 1972 and 1974, effectively bringing down Edward Heath in the latter case. For a decade, the ruling class made their plans, determined that they would not be defeated for a third time. Indeed in 1981 they backed away from a possible confrontation, judging that the time was not yet right.

In 1979, the Thatcher government began to plan for the ultimate privatisation of the coal industry. The Coal Industry Act (1980) replaced production targets with financial targets. The financial targets were set so high that they could only be met by closing ’uneconomic’ collieries. The Act was intended to make the industry more attractive to private investors. [more]

How many times will we let Cain kill Abel?

“The reasonably relaxed man can accept correction without too grievous loss of dignity.  But the solemn man cannot.  He may have heard that the truth will set him free. But he rightly senses that it might also make him seem silly.” ~John Kenneth Galbraith in The Liberal Hour

Let as consider for the moment the difference between the solemn person and the relaxed person.  Let me first say that the solemn person perforce must often sense a crisis on the horizon, no matter when they might have lived from the time of Cain-and-Abel onward, because the strict father always awaits the next disobedience.  I picture Cain as quite solemn and Abel as quite relaxed.  I see them that way because, the former felt unaccepted and alienated from his nature, the latter, quite the opposite.  What would have passed for politics of the time would have appeared quite simple, but I would argue that it is no more so than today, and further let me suggest that Abel being pastoral and Cain being a farmer should tell you all you need to know. The pastoral nomads, Abel being the archetype, living on the margins would have been communal, having horizontal networks, and the farmers, Cain being their archetype, would have had the roots of civilization and an acquisitive need. Cain’s need to ever acquire new land and to save seed would form the nucleus of hierarchical networks of specialization to control and support ever-expanding acquisitions called progress. Cain’s mark of alienation being the insatiable need for more, better and different.

Thus the birth of the Left and the Right is seen in the birth of civilization and as I have said elsewhere, it always boils down to the problem of the horizontal versus the vertical, and it does.  Yet, we could only wish that it were so simple that such singular categories as in this analogy were complete and consistent. The division between the solemn and the relaxed divides further.  There is a solemn pastoral Left that would uncharacteristically always want their communal land back as contradictory as the possessive might seem to them.  They would fight for their freedom to commune.  The relaxed farmers on the Right uncharacteristically would not always want to enslave those lazy pastoralists, even for no other reason than to make sure their freedom as farmers to take what land they wanted. The relaxed on both sides would rather trade and engage in less violent forms of diplomacy than war. The solemn on both sides can always find reasons to fight for freedom.  So we have another level of horizontal versus the vertical here.  What true leftist would refuse to sue for peace and what true rightist would refuse to fight? The purists on both sides have always refused to see this.  Clearly those that refuse are LINOs and RINOs. So we now see the relaxed liberal Left and Right squaring off with their more fundamental brethren.  Following this and history, you can clearly see that history has more often been on the side of the most solemn. Pshaw!

In my Email: FromTurnOff Fox News

Dear Faithful Followers of Turn Off FOX:

Turn Off FoxFirst of all, we would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the pledge in our effort to educate others about the rampant and intentional distortion of the truth on FOX News and joining us in attempting to get it turned off as much as possible. We have received a number of e-mails, quite a few from people who support the cause, and also many from people who have been shocked that anyone would oppose the media arm of the right wing. Believe us, we have rankled more than a couple of conservatives, and that probably means that, with your help, we’re probably doing something right.

It could be that our articles about the fallacious statements and distorted truths on FOX News have simply disturbed too many people into denial. Here’s a review of some of our recent work:

Very soon, you’ll be able to catch updates on articles like the ones above and many more by following us on Twitter at We will also gladly welcome any stories or comments you would like to send us on that account to keep the lively discussion an ongoing one. As always, feel free to send in tips on stories or your own personal experiences in terms of trying to get FOX turned off at, aswell.
Besides the articles, we have other tools to help you exhibit your own distaste of FOX News, and just in time for the holidays. For those looking to spread the word passively while possibly swerving through traffic aggressively, we have a Turn Off FOX bumper sticker just for you. People looking more toward reminding others that keeping FOX off is as important as a daily glass of milk may find our Turn Off FOX magnet could help liven up the refrigerator. Lastly, individuals looking for a little dose of civil disobedience to add to a full day of political awareness may want to look up our TV B-Gone remote control that can turn off any North American TV. Be warned that people use TV B-Gone at their own risk. Also be warned that it is very effective at long distances and could help turn off FOX News even in public places, assuming! one so desired.
Just to be clear, though, we are not attempting to oppose free speech. Rather, we simply promote turning off the vitriol and terribly unbalanced “news” coverage on FOX as well as helping people to seek out journalism with a bit more integrity from other sources. Still, none of what we have to say will mean anything without your help. We can provide you with the evidence to help illustrate to others just how useless FOX News is as a news organization and the tools to help deliver the message, but we need your help to engage others and spread the news. One of the easiest ways for you to show further support would be to forward this e-mail to others and help get them to take the pledge, as well.
Once again, thank all of you for already taking the pledge and for helping the cause against FOX Fraudcasting. We look forward to hearing your success stories and tips at, and remember to keep looking for our updates at the website and on Twitter.
Your Friendly Neighborhood Progressive,

Murder as Metaphor




I have a 20-year-old daughter. When she was approaching two years old I decided it was time to potty train her, but she had a mind of her own.  In the ensuing battle of wills and the resulting delay of her training due to my over exuberance, both my daughter and myself came to a decision.  My decision was that she would from that day forward do things at her own pace and she would be given the tools to make her own decisions.  My daughter on the other hand began to sense she had some real control over the world she inhabited.  When at five years old she was having trouble at school and it was recommended that she change her behavior to fit in, we changed her school.  When later this issue became more troubling at the new school, we home schooled her for a while and jumped her ahead.  She now returned to school a leader and ahead of the other children, but she still did not fit in.  They wanted her ‘out of her head’ and socialized.  They recommended counseling. I told them that I respected my daughter’s creativity, imagination, originality and leadership qualities. I told them that I felt that what they meant by socialization was no more than domestication. I would not have her labeled by anyone and if they would not back down, then we would just home school her again. I did most of the home schooling this time and we jumped her ahead two more years.  She would return to school with the same social issues, but she knew by then that she would not have to deal with children all of her life, and so, to be socialized to deal with school children that the teachers could not handle, was quite a stupid expectation.

I relay this information in a very reflective mood.  Faleh Hassan Almaleki had a 20-year-old daughter too. Her name was Noor Faleh Almaleki. He is accused of murdering her by running her down with his jeep in a parking lot. He would consider it an honor killing because she had become too westernized. I think of my daughter and cry.  I would not let my daughter join this society except by her own choosing. Faleh would not let his daughter leave ‘his society’ at all. I would prefer my daughter dead as well, rather than to have her forced to live in a world she did not choose to join, but then she has always had that choice and she would fight to the death to defend that right.  I have known my daughter’s mind since she was two; Faleh never took the time to know his daughter at all.

I know that this murder had little directly to do with culture, values or religion.  Faleh dishonors all three by his act. Real culture, values and religion have a basis in real world thinking and spiritual growth.  Those that do not allow for the evolution of thought and consciousness are doomed to die.  You are either expanding or contracting mentally, physically and spiritually. A fundamentalist orientation is one that is always contracting.  There is no room for love, growth or full self-expression in it.  The distinction between Faleh and the conservative fundamentalists in this country is small. Fundamentalists of all faith traditions and cultures have more in common with each other than with the liberals in their own group. The only values they choose to honor are those that they believe to be uncritically correct and therefore those values must be imposed on others at all costs for their own good. The lack of orderly rules rigidly imposed is very scary to them.  The idea that anyone can actually reason out a plan of action in all circumstances without the aid of authority is very threatening to their worldview.

So I ask you, as the terrorist conservative fundamentalist Christian Right in this country arm to do battle with the terrorist conservative fundamentalist Islamic Right, what do you plan to do about it?  Consider also, so armed, they are both poised to do battle with the liberal left. I know my daughter will not be run over by any shallow bullying, or by any show of force.  Will yours?

So in killing his daughter, what is Faleh really killing? He is attempting to kill his fear;  his fear of freedom, his fear of change, his fear of loss of control, his fear of being wrong, his fear of difference and his fear of aliveness. It is clear that he would rather be right than have his daughter alive. He himself was dead long before he killed his daughter.  His long dead  worldview sprung like a sand geyser out of ground found barren a thousand years ago and choked off any hope of his life long ago.  Yet the lesson to be learned here is closer to the here and now than most want to consider.

Oh Daughter, My Daughter, your blood cries out to us

How shall the world answer you?

Tell of my coldness, my lack of feeling

For you in the spider’s web

Panting away in your pious dearth

Of my life in that miserly dread?

As you lay dying

Run down by my lying

By the four wheel, self-serving tool of a father.

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