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Tom Waits – All the world is green

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I fell into the ocean
When you became my wife
I risked it all aganist the sea
To have a better life
Marie you’re the wild blue sky
And men do foolish things
You turn kings into beggars
And beggars into kings

Pretend that you owe me nothing
And all the world is green
We can bring back the old days again
And all the world is green

The fase forgives the mirror
The worm forgives the plow
The questions begs the answer
Can you forgive me somehow
Maybe when our story’s over
We’ll go where it’s always spring
The band is playing our song again
And all the world is green

Pretend that you owe me nothing
And all the world is green
We can bring back the old days again
And all the world is green

The moon is yellow silver
Oh the things that summer brings
It’s a love you’d kill for
And all the world is green

He is balancing a diamond
On a blade of grass
The dew will settle on our grave(s)
When all the world is green

RT: History of Monsanto

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Resisting Hegemony – Vandana Shiva

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Green Poison on People’s Platter


Green Poison on People’s Platter


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Monsanto or Farmers – Vandana Shiva

Monsanto or Farmers (part 1) #gmo #ogm

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Vandana Shiva Environmentalist and founder of Diverse Women for Diversity

Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva. Photograph: Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images

When Shiva, 58, and women villagers wrapped their arms around trees to prevent them being felled by commercial loggers, the name “tree hugger” was born. Since then Shiva’s influence on the global environmental movement has grown. Fascinated by physics, she went to the University of Western Ontario but left her formal scientific work when she was inspired by the non-violence of the Chipko movement. “My father had been a forester and I had grown up on those hills. I learned from the [peasant women] what forests mean for a rural woman in India in terms of firewood and fodder and medicinal plants and rich knowledge.” Shiva founded her Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology in 1982, in a cow shed at the foothills of the Himalayas, to “serve the powerless not the powerful, which would not get all its cue from Western Universities and international institutions, but would also be open to learn from the indigenous knowledge of local communities”. [more]

“GMO” the musical

“GMO” the musical

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No Monsanto

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Payday Monsanto – NO Monsanto , posted with vodpod

Just Say No To GMO

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The Big BioMess – Seize The Day (Big Green Little Movie)

In My Email: Taking Back Our Future From Big Oil. #makeadifference

Consumers Union

Estimated spill volume source: NPR, mid-point among various estimates from all sources, June 24, 9:30am


We all are horrified by the oil spill in the Gulf. We can turn this tragedy into a catalyst for change.

Take action now.

Dear Dale,

Day after day we watch the video. Horrifying.

We didn’t think this could happen because the oil industry has been telling us their operations were safe — even in the most dangerous or sensitive environments. Clearly, they told us wrong.

We must demand that Washington turn this tragedy into the catalyst that finally brings us a sustainable, balanced long-term energy plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and domestic off-shore oil drilling.

Tell Congress to pass a comprehensive energy plan now – safe, clean energy exists, let’s invest in it and use it!

This isn’t about politics. It’s about taking back our future from the giant oil companies and making America an energy leader. Any energy plan passed by our leaders must:

End our dependence on foreign oil ASAP. Aggressively pursue a comprehensive clean energy policy at home – wind, solar, geothermal and other sustainable energy that we can use this decade. Reward innovation.

Ensure consumers are protected, and help us do our part, too. Provide rebates and incentives to encourage clean energy use, conservation and energy efficiency at home. Make companies pay for pollution, and use that revenue to help consumers.

Change won’t happen until American consumers call for it. Take a moment to do that right now!

This is a big agenda, but it’s doable, and it has to happen if we want to end these BP-style nightmares.

Please join us for an all-out push in these coming weeks to put this aggressive agenda before our leaders, and hold them accountable for making it happen. We all have to do our part if we are to take back our future.

Shannon Baker-Branstetter
Consumers Union
1101 17th Street NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20036

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