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Garbage – Push It – TPM Was Not DDoSed By Anonymous

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So who is pushing garbage on the internet? Is it the groups that are fighting for freedom, truth and full disclosure?  Those that want to promote open science, media and dialogue?  Or those with singular ideas that want to make sure you all agree with them, while they stuff money down their pants?  If you aren’t profiting from the undertaking by expressing on idea, then I am clearly more likely to listen.

With that thought in mind, I was thinking about the recent Talking Points Memo (@TPM) DDoS attack which could have been pulled off by any malicious group with a high school education.  Then I began to think about the thousands of left wings followers (and the thousands of far right wing followers) of the six major Anonymous groups.  What would be in it for Anonymous to attack TPM on the eve of one of biggest world wide protests ever seen? Nothing.

Then I continued the thought.  Who would be best able to mount such a false flag attack on TPM? Who could benefit from discrediting them at this time? I will leave for you to figure out—

I continued the thought.  The six major groups all hash out their plans, vote and always announce them in advance and take credit for the attack afterward.  This has not been done in this case. Why? I will again leave for you to figure out—

The various groups do have a number of principles they follow and it just seems to me that to target TPM for this article would be antithetical to those principles.  And just plain foolish to only target them. Check them out here and affiliates here and here and here and here  and here.  I suppose splinter groups are always possible, but then are they Anonymous?

Now for the oglers that want to see the pictures of innocent people that were momentarily NOT available on TPM you can look here and here and here and here. To just name a few in a brief search. So were they just saying, this is your fault TPM and we are going to risk 15 years in jail to momentarily disrupt information that we can no longer stop being disseminated across the internet? They would do this even though TPM is just doing what what Anonymous risks their freedom to achieve, namely freedom of information? I can’t believe this to be true.

The TPM photos were not available here oddly for the longest (but not as long as I thought). Oddly because that would make it a record for a DDoS sustained attack. Damn near tantric!  On further review I found out  the longest such attack was as long as 60 days!  This brings on reverse of my original thought. If it was really meant to do harm, then why not do it for longer? I still don’t buy that it TPM would be sole target even if they were the origin of all the information proliferation on the internet, and I think the editor will end up apologizing for even suggesting it was a logical implication that it was Anonymous that did it.  By the way, why would they take down the group pictures and not this one? Note who are the historical victims of Anonymous as reported by TPM here.

Don’t mind me. I am just gullible.


OK, I got some comments that Anonymous was not an organization as seen in Gawker.  I clearly disagree.  The left also, professional or otherwise, is not considered an organization either, because in the aggregate we too have no leader, but thought. No wealth, but creativity. And no agenda, but truth. So would someone say those left or right of center are just a loose collection of [insert noun here]?  Since those not in center often see the center as a sheep pen, I suppose the obverse is true as well. All the sheep see are wolves circling.

To be more formal in the organization argument consider a complex distributive network like the heart. A few cells will beat on their own. When hooked to a larger series of networks a simple signal can keep the whole in working order.  Would anyone deny the heart is an organization? I think free societies only work as such when they are modeled on complex distributive networks.

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