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Ishtarmuz’s rebuttal to Warof2010 posting 07/26/10 of – Our first mission, American Patriots.

This is Ishtarmuz’s rebuttal to Warof2010 posting 07/26/10 of – Our first mission, American Patriots.

The first thing you will often notice when you see a post from a bigoted Tea Party bastard is that the words are not sufficient to carry the message.  They need to colorize their words into red and blue with multiple font changes like teenage girls needing to hide their shallowness of experience, attracting narcissistic attention with whorish makeup.  Tea party English will have buzzwords and neologisms in abundance to cover their ignorance of the basic fundamentals of writing English and their lack of understanding of how to frame a rational argument.

You will see a fine example of this authoritarian narcissism exhibited by the Tea Party post shown below.  The first point that is made has to do with the number of undocumented aliens in this country.  I must first say that currently this alien issue is more a semantic one than a legal one in many cases.  My grandmother had a baby, my father, out of wedlock in 1915.  She went to Canada to have her baby and had the minister sign the birth certificate to avoid the scandal.  My father never knew this until he was forty years old. What he never knew was that she eventually married the brother of the actual father and my father had taken on his name never knowing the real story.  All my father’s life he could never prove he was a citizen without his Honorable Discharge from the Army.  Such a lack of documentation would swell the number of ‘illegals’ in this country to well over what the tea party want to contend.  They support legal measures that would make many such people non-citizens.  Some of us are bastards due to an accident of birth, some, like the tea partiers, are self-made people.

The second erudite point made below has to do with Unemployment Insurance Benefits.  Note first that insurance, by definition, is designed to pay out more than you ( via you employer) put into it for the few that need to use it.  This, like Social Security benefits RSDI (Retirement Survivors Disability Insurance), is an insurance designed so that of the large number paying into it, only a fraction actually collect, but often collect more than they paid into it.  Such measures were put into place to stabilize the frequent economic swings that put ‘free’ market capitalism into recession or depression leaving large segments of the population on the street.  The only effective method that has ever been applied to such depressive times, once in them, has been to spend money; and the only source of such willing spending has come from the government.  Short of slave labor, no self respecting capitalist would invest in labor as its value continues to fall. This brings up the other stabilizing enemy of the Tea Party, the union.  If the Tea Party had existed in the Great Depression, the 25% unemployment would still be with us today.  The unemployed would continue to own the street for the more fortunate.

The third erudite point returns to the undocumented workers.  There is a complete disconnect with reality here.  Citizenship is strictly the purview of the federal government as stated in the Constitution.  The problem of undocumented workers is a supply and demand issue and their employers need to be made felons for hiring them.  You know, all those fortunate anti-union people not on unemployment, hiring slave labor to support their way of life.  You can picket all those employers of undocumented workers if you please, but a few good court cases, a good boycott as well as your picket would be more effective.  Yet, even better, would be to have a consistent set of principles that would not promote the practices that you fight.

The article (Note that my skill at recreating the full glory of the original article is limited.  So you will have to go see it.):


Our mission, American Patriots

the APPP, has two immediate requests/demands of Congress

#1. First, simply for your edification:

there are closer to 30 million illegals in our United States. than 12 million.

IMMEDIATELY: make it illegal, for an illegal, to illegally solicit work,

anywhere in “Our United States of America”

*In November the extended/extended/extended unemployment benefits will end again

Don’t borrow any more more more money, it simply results in more compounded debt,

You must allow American workers to own the streets,
so that more-fortunate Americans may provide them a day’s work

#2. in the meantime, please don’t make things any worse, between now, and then.

#3. At a point in time, We the People, will want:

Illegal immigration, federal & state, laws, to be changed.

from a misdemeanor, to a Class I Felony $10,000 3-1/2 yrs


Facing Reality Fellow Americans

this is step #1 in our platform, We are the American Patriots

Patriots: in planning PATRIOT STRIKES every precaution
will be taken to protect our forces. more to follow.

1. DHS has a list of U.S. employers employing approx. 8 million illegals

“8,000,000 Illegal Immigrant Workers Working At American Jobs”

2. obtain the list

we have the list, 219 large/semi-large employers selected, so far

3. based on geographics/demographics,
and American Patriots, one business/per state,
known to be employing numerous illegals
will all be heavily picketed on a given day,
in coordination with job-seeking locals
in a quick, efficient, completely coordinated,
but unpublicized in advance, lightning strike
with every concern for safety.

4. Each state contingent will consist of a given-size picket team,
with an equal-size team operating in a support capacity.
(begin discussing contingent framework)

5. Calling all Patriots, from all organizations
to begin connecting, and cueing up, by state.

20-10 feedback/suggestions are encouraged

American Patriots, remember: “being right is fun”

We Won’t Back Down

P.S. Patriots, you may become aware, over time,
that advertising is not purchasable on your website,
nor is it permitted, in any form, with American Patriots
we must disassociate ourselves from money
our cause must remain pure in motive.

Our next mission: American Patriots
DENYING ILLEGALS THE RIGHT to solicit work on the streets of America;
this right s/b reserved for 30 million unemployed Americans


ArizonaCalifornia|Arizona|New Mexico|Texas


BirthrightCitizenshi ps|GreenCards|IllegalWorkers|ImmigrationReform


Here’s what we are all about:

Taking Care Of Business

That’s what we’re saying


War of 2010 American Patriots: Mandatory Read:
Regaining Our Freedom


The tweet on my twitter stream that linked this article stated, “@MalevoFreedom @rascality @PiercedTedyBear @TheRiverWanders @ishtarmuz @MightyOCD YOU ARE PUSSIES EN MASSE”  Note that the Tea Party has quite an aversion to feminine qualities.  I suppose that it is a mixture of an inferiority complex combined with a fear of latent homosexuality.  One could well wonder given the name of the administrator and the Tea Party corporatist orientation, if the term fascist pig might actually be an understatement.

The Twisted Thought of Glenn Beck

A recent Glenn Beck show took another of our president’s speeches and twisted it to feed the right wing hater blogs.   I begin to think that he thinks such blogs contain primary source information.  This is a typical example of a quote Glenn Beck used to go on a rant that is now so ubiquitous on the Internet that it is down right scary:

OBAMA: “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security

Any fairly intelligence human being can follow Obama’s thought in the quote. No, it isn’t the KGB or the Schutzstaffel.  We already have the FBI. Might Obama be talking about our first responders or even a Peace Corp type force? Is Glenn Beck damning our men in blue and the like? Evil Army?

If the President offered everyone free cherry ice cream, then Glenn Beck would be right there saying, “see it is red.”  Saying, “I told you he was socialist.”  This is the level of social discourse that Glenn Beck has reduced his viewers.  It is right up there with the World Wrestling Federation for its intellectual stimulation and honest reporting of the real world events.

Glenn Beck: Why do we need a civilian national security force that is “just as strong, just as powerful” as the military?

We need one because the military marching in the streets is fascism. Civilian national security force (i.e., local militia, called police and deputized agents of the people, Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) monitoring of terrorists is reasonable aim. It is more reasonable than fomenting war across the globe while not protecting those within our borders. This is actually the second Amendment meaning. Glenn Beck, are you against the second amendment of the constitution? I know twelfth grade was hard to get through, but American History was included. I wonder what a well-regulated militia might look like? Not the vigilantes on the border, for sure.

Glenn Beck: Here’s why I ask this question: Who are we fighting? Who internally is threatening our security?

Well, the last I heard we were at war with terrorist and supporters of terrorists. I guess you might fit into one of those categories. So maybe you do have reason to fear. Glenn Beck the liberals are not responding to you for the same reason you don’t argue with a drunk. Drunks pose no rational argument to fight and do not respond to what you say in a rational manner either. I have read three sentences and, you sir; have made no sense, common, or otherwise, in what you say.  You are clearly more comfortable putting up straw men to argue with rather than actually debating with someone armed with facts.  You appeal to belief, authority, fear, emotion, flattery, popularity and common practice.  These are fallacies all.  You have not demonstrated even the most basic understanding of a well-formed syllogism.  In short, you are illogical.

Glenn Beck: It’s clearly not because we feel there is a threat from illegal aliens crossing the border, because anyone who would say that has been deemed a racist.

First off, the Hispanics crossing the border come from a different culture, not a different race. Unless you want to classify Italian-Americans and Greek-Americans a different race as well. Such misinformation shows a lack of education, if not that, then blatant racism on its face. And who are these people that call criticizers of crossing the border racist? I have seen more Right wing bloggers wanting immigration reform suggesting they are being called racist than anyone actually doing the calling. What I have heard is that those that object to the legislation suggest that the immigration legislation had a racist agenda.  That means it is more fear based than fact based and setting up another enclave of institutional ethnocentrism feeding the world opinion that we remain ugly Americans.

The Hispanics I know are a pretty conservative Christian group. They don’t want their jobs undercut anymore than anyone else. They, I predict, in fact, are going to be the future of a more rational Republican Party. Yes, they have sympathy for the oppressed, and yes they will defend themselves against wild-eyed slurs, but no, they are not crying racism anymore than I believe you intentionally advocating for itBorder crossings make their communities much less safe than it makes yours.  The truth hidden in this last sentence is the heart of the issue.  Why is their any their community at all?

Glenn Beck: It can’t be a civilian national security force against Islamic extremists, because according to this administration we aren’t even at war against Islamic extremists anymore.

I last heard we had a war going on two fronts, at least.  If it is not the terrorist we are fighting, then we are spending a lot of money for nothing.  So we need all our troops called home now.  Is that what you believe?  Maybe we should bring the troops home and fund health care reform?

Obama: “Let me say this as clearly as I can: the United States is not and will never be at war and with Islam,”

That is pretty clear. We are at war with ALL terrorists.

Obama: “In fact, our partnership with the Muslim world is critical in rolling back a fringe ideology that people of all faiths reject.”  [Mr. Obama continued by adding that the U.S. relationship will not only be] “based on opposition to terrorism.”

Beck: Is this administration really going to ask the American people to profile and call-in tips on Muslim Americans who act suspiciously?

I think that skinheads with guns might be more to the point.  What is not to the point is that every event that upsets Glenn Beck does not rise to the level a terrorist attack except in his mind. Unless what he means to convey is that it his worldview that is collapsing under an attack by a fusillade of lucid moments.

Sound bites and photo ops are not facts, like Glenn Beck thinking that the color of a man carrying an automatic provides sufficient context to make any point whatsoever.  Even if the point was to impugn the motives of those that used the photo op originally without showing that he was Black.  There is nothing that can be implied from the information shown other than that Glenn Beck is an ass and has three-fifths of a brain.

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