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LOST finale

For those that were dissatisfied with the ending to Lost, there is only one response. You never understood it.  The series from the beginning suggested that we are the sum of our possibilities.  We find meaning in the process, not the outcome. I knew this from season one. I also knew that they would have to go slipstream on the audience to make sense of the possibilities.  As soon as they did this, it was also equally clear that they could have no one true ending.  You could only see a series of possible endings.  In the interest of brevity and finality, they showed the audience two, or three, depending on your viewpoint.

It was always possible from the start that they were all dead, and they had yet to show that possibility.  It was cliché and nonproductive to go there for the whole of the series, and it was dismissed by all the fans four or five seasons back.  To show that possibility after resolving the timelines does not in any way detract from the resolutions.  It really just adds to them to my mind.

When all things are possible, then no possibility can diminish it.

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