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Ishtarmuz in Response to Mark Williams’ Letter to Abe Lincoln, Wrote Ayn Rand.

Ishtarmuz in response to Mark Williams’ letter to Abe Lincoln, Wrote Ayn Rand.

Dear Ayn Rand,

I know you meant well, but I am sure you know by now how many of your abstract ideas have been twisted by misguided non-colored people.  You as a thinker would be the first to point out that there are no non-colored people, except maybe the albinos. You would also be quick to point out that the same oppressive bigoted thought process that you escaped that lead to pogroms has raised its head using your philosophy as its banner.  You would also be quick to point out that this was to be expected. The primary tool of those that would go beyond garnering a fair profit from a valued product (that being the cornerstone of the unknown capitalist ideal) is to claim that someone is stealing the food from their mouths, the reverse of your argument that a socialist  unjustly feels the guilt of depriving those that need more than they.  You would also claim your ideal is still not known for the same reasons. That, and the fact that ownership implies no fair profit, since ‘it’s mine’, and we don’t even have to consider that the product is often really someone else’s that I am profiting off, or that the ‘product’ may have no substance to it at all. That is why your characters built buildings and ran railroads.


The libertarians in reading the vast landscapes of your capitalist heroes see themselves as responsible for creating the world.  Two points to note here are that, one, libertarians are loath to actually take the responsibility for the damages done to this world that they are so sure they created, and two, they, unlike thinkers like yourself,  think that since they own the world that they created, they are sure that they can do with it what they will. This arrogance and hubris is what got their Satan cast out of Heaven. They clearly can’t see this, or if they do, then they might hear that diabolical laugh behind it.


You surely understand that no one is an island; each is a piece of the continent.  No one does it alone. You not only stand on the shoulders of those that came before you, but also you stand on the shoulders of those that stand abreast of you.  When you don’t acknowledge this is true, then you risk riding their backs and trampling their necks.  This is why we are often thought to be Ugly Americans.


You would be the first to point out flaws in the arguments that we are not Ugly Americans even though you so often blindly loved your adopted country. The arguments that everyone wants to come here and emulate us, as slaves may come to love their masters, and that a good business model like Monsanto’s will be copied around the world, have no place in a rational civil discourse. Any more than ideas like, some of my best friends are capitalists, or I am glad to see Russians were accepted into the house.


Those that value only objects, objectify themselves and those around them.  The power that anyone has over you is based on your agreement that the objects that they value, you do also. When you aren’t interested in what they have, then they have no power over you. No group can fully assimilate under the power of this collective capitalist ideal unless, one, they see that people are valued over things, and two, that they have equal opportunity to access to those things. The record speaks for itself.

Oh yes, and we patriotic white people gotta stick together on this.

Looking forward to your reply,


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