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The World According to Monsanto – Full Documentary #FYW #DFH

The Death Merchants
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The World According to Monsanto – Full Documentary
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Monsanto and the Merchants of Death

In the 1990s, Monsanto found an ingenious way to sell large quantities of its broad-spectrum toxic herbicide RoundUp to farmers. The company’s scientists gene-spliced corn, soy, cotton, and canola with foreign DNA, enabling these “Frankencrops” to survive massive doses of RoundUp. Farmers could now repeatedly spray their fields with RoundUp, killing weeds but not the crop. Unfortunately, the collateral damage of heavy RoundUp spraying includes groundwater pollution, toxic residues in crops, and destruction of essential soil microorganisms.
The Genetically Modified (GM) crops themselves create herbicide-resistant Superweeds and spread genetic pollution to organic and non-GMO crops as well as plant relatives. Last but certainly not least, Monsanto’s GM foods have been linked to serious health damage – not only for animals, but humans as well.
There is a direct correlation between our genetically engineered food supply and the $2 trillion the US spends annually on medical care, namely an epidemic of diet-related chronic diseases. Instead of healthy fruits, vegetables, grains, and grass-fed animal products, US factory farms and food processors produce a glut of genetically engineered junk foods that generate heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.
A critical mass of consumers would turn away from GMOs and Factory Farmed meat, dairy, and eggs – if they knew what they were eating. Please join and support OCA (Organic Consumers Association) in their new Truth-in-Labeling campaign.


Why Monsanto, An Ex-Chemical Company, Now A BioTech Company, Is Evil

by Ishtarmuz

The reasoning involved in the nature of the evil of a chemical company like Monsanto is not rocket science.  We only have to consider a few basic principles.  Once they are accepted as true, the rest follows.  The first principle is that life processes and systems are complex. They are the most complex systems known.  This makes all developing life sciences, especially those involved with the dysfunction and repair of life processes, as much an art as a science.  Those that would  create a product must also be able to maintain and repair it, not only the product, but also any consequence of its use. So the practice of  ’making’  or modifying of  life must equate to the healing of life in its methods in order for it to be a moral enterprise. Those that would improve life must be able to heal it when things go awry. To confuse a practicing art with an applied science is to engage in fraud and quackery of the most unethical and dangerous sort.

Before the chemical companies like Monsanto became biotechnology companies they only dealt with chemicals that interacted with life processes.  Repeatedly chemical companies like Monsanto produced new chemicals (thousands daily now)  that  they had no way of knowing what the full long term effects would be on living systems.  They were released without sufficient study. I know this because the needed pre-release experiments would have involved the study of such long term high level multivariate interactions that it would have been impossible to do these experiments in principle (though some have theorized it was possible albeit too costly to perform such experiments in practice).  In actual practice the environment itself was the testing ground, and the lawyers and the public relations propagandists delayed the inevitable lawsuits until a profit could be turned, a subsidiary company divested and the inevitable move to another product accomplished.  This is the model set by Monsanto over its hundred year history. Just think asbestossaccharin, PCBsDDT,  Agent Orange (dioxin), BGH,aspartamefluoridemercuryGMOsmonocultureNazisnuclear waste News Corporation when you consider Monsanto.  You might add morgellons syndrome and mass beedeath to that list, but that seems premature without more evidence. Yet the evidence mounts, for the bees, for the morgellons, and for the cover-up. In some real sense this all appears to be a final Solutia scenario for mankind and an awesome business plan. [more]

Seize the Day: ‘Food ‘n Health ‘n Hope’ (The Monsanto Song) – live in Santa Barbara

Seize the Day: ‘Food ‘n Health ‘n Hope’ (The Monsanto Song) – live in Santa Barbara

Those Polar Bears now, who really cares now?
– They’re breedin gender bendin babies who won’t be breedin none
cos PCBs, yeah! are in the seas, yeah!
We like to think that there’s a little piece of us in everyone
Cos we’re Monsanto! – That’s right, Monsanto!
We’re turning Satan into Santa by givin kiddies cancer
Comin thru now – we’re changin YOU now,
The mother- nature terminators of Food ‘n Health ‘n Hope
That DDT ban – don’t lay it on me man!
cos we had all these creepie-crawlies fallin on the food we grew
Was a revolution-ary solution,
It’s just a shame that what we sprayed on made the turnips toxic too!
Let me remind ya ’bout Indo-china
– Them commie dominos were fallin, so they sprayed ’em into Hell!
Gave peasant farmers Orange pajamas
We made their jungle-cover wither, then we withered them as well!
Cos we’re Monsanto! – That’s right, Monsanto!
We’re turning Satan into Santa by givin kiddies cancer
Comin thru now – we’re changin YOU now,
The mother- nature terminators of Food ‘n Health ‘n Hope
It’s not our fault there’s Chemical warfare,
But if there’s dollars in dioxin it’s our duty to supply
that rain of poisin they washed our boys in,
A Cancer Agent from the C.I—Hey! – I cannot tell a lie!
From Pentagon came that drug Aspartame,
Our Pepsi-Cola with no calories was every kiddies’ treat!
When there were rumours it gave ’em tumours
somebody falsified the data – and we called it NutraSweet!
And you get more juice now from a Dairy Moo-Cow,
Monsanta’s daily dose of hormones, them udders gonna swell!
Don’t blame the cream though, if you’re in chemo
– There may be B.S.T masectomies, but nobody can tell!
Cos we’re Monsanto! – That’s right, Monsanto!
We’re turning Satan into Santa by givin kiddies cancer
Comin thru now – we’re changin YOU now,
The mother- nature terminators of Food ‘n Health ‘n Hope
Robert Shapiro! Well he’s our hero!
He’s on a mission with a vision of Sustain-ability
which means we’re goin to keep on growin
-till we’re the biggest corporation in the 21st Century
Seein no future for the big polluters
he spun an eco-friendly line in re-designin DNA
Genetic eyes on that far horizon
where every thing alive is privatised and every seed’ll pay!
We’ve got the Soya, we’ve got the Lawyers,
the politicians in our pockets all the way to President!
The press and TV, to guarantee the
co-operation of your nation in our new experiment!
You did not choose it, but you’ll have to use it,
We’ll get our Round-up Ready fingerprint in every pie you eat,
With every patent, be a bit more blatant,
till our Corporation’s domination of your Globe’ll be complete!
Mister Monsanto! Monster Mutanto!
We’re turning Satan into Santa – Give Everybody cancer!
Comin thru now, we’re changin YOU now,
The Mother-Nature Terminators,
Hell-on-earth creators,
Gene- manipulators,
Biotech dictators,
The future’s gonna hate us
Food ‘n’ Health ‘n’ Hope!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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