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Chemtrails and Morgellons in the News.

Proof? Proof it is in the News. Anyone heard anything more about the scientific investigation of this? I am not interested in any right/left wing agenda conspiracy ideas here, nor any of that in-your-head meme nonsense. Anyone seen any real data lately? I suspect the theoretical debate would be more appreciated here or here.

Morgellons: contested illness, diagnostic compromise and medicalisation 


Sociol Health Illn. 2010 May;32(4):597-612. Epub 2010 Feb 12.


Department of Sociology, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA 02453-2728, USA.


The case of Morgellons illustrates how the emergence of a new medically contested illness intersected with and impacted on the diagnostic processes of an existing uncontested psychiatric condition, Delusional Parasitosis (DP). More specifically, the sociopolitical processes at play in the contested illness, Morgellons, dubiously reflect patient empowerment, as well the resilience and power of medical jurisdiction. This research offers insights into the contested illness and medicalisation literatures, and aims to bridge these two approaches towards the relationship between patient empowerment and medical authority, which I do through the notion of doctor-patient compromise. The data for this research come from a comprehensive qualitative analysis of Morgellons discourse through four key sources: the pro-Morgellons website; the anti-Morgellons website; the popular media’s portrayal of Morgellons; and the DP and Morgellons articles published in peer-reviewed medical journals, as made available on PubMed.

Morgellons disease, illuminating an undefined illness: a case series

J Med Case Reports. 2009; 3: 8243.
Published online 2009 July 1. doi:  10.4076/1752-1947-3-8243
PMCID: PMC2737752
Copyright ©2009 licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

This review of 25 consecutive patients with Morgellons disease (MD) was undertaken for two primary and extremely fundamental reasons. For semantic accuracy, there is only one “proven” MD patient: the child first given that label. The remainder of inclusive individuals adopted the label based on related descriptions from 1544 through 1884, an internet description quoted from Sir Thomas Browne (1674), or was given the label by practitioners using similar sources. Until now, there has been no formal characterization of MD from detailed examination of all body systems. Our second purpose was to differentiate MD from Delusions of Parasitosis (DP), another “informal” label that fit most of our MD patients. How we defined and how we treated these patients depended literally on factual data that would determine outcome. How they were labeled in one sense was irrelevant, except for the confusing conflict rampant in the medical community, possibly significantly skewing treatment outcomes.

Case presentation

Clinical information was collected from 25 of 30 consecutive self-defined patients with Morgellons disease consisting of laboratory data, medical history and physical examination findings. Abnormalities were quantified and grouped by system, then compared and summarized, but the numbers were too small for more complex mathematical analysis. The quantification of physical and laboratory abnormalities allowed at least the creation of a practical clinical boundary, separating probable Morgellons from non-Morgellons patients. All the 25 patients studied meet the most commonly used DP definitions.


These data suggest Morgellons disease can be characterized as a physical human illness with an often-related delusional component in adults. All medical histories support that behavioral aberrancies onset only after physical symptoms. The identified abnormalities include both immune deficiency and chronic inflammatory markers that correlate strongly with immune cytokine excess. The review of 251 current NLM DP references leads us to the possibility that Morgellons disease and DP are grossly truncated labels of the same illness but with the reversal of the cause-effect order. Further, the patients’ data suggest that both illnesses have an infectious origin.

Count of St. Germain and Monsanto (work in progress)

Count of St. Germain and Monsanto (work in progress)

Those of you that have come across the name of Comte de Saint-Germain on the Internet may well wonder why anyone today would take an interest in him at all.  He was clearly deeply involved in every 18th Century conspiracy theory, but what would knowing about him add to the conspiracy theories of the 21st Century? What could he add to the Monsanto conspiracy in particular? My answer may surprise you.  He could be the key to all of today’s doomsday scenarios.  Everyone that has studied these things knows that it is all connected.  Just listen to any one of the talk show millennialists and you will find in short order good reason to be afraid of just about anything.

So you say what would a supposedly eighteenth century man have to do with Monsanto?  What could the Comte de Saint-Germain, a man known as a charlatan, inventor, alchemist, pianist, violinist, composer and threefold occultist, have to do with a shady corporation like Monsanto? Well, everyone knows that the Count is an immortal, a rogue, and an industrial chemist, and also has occult dealings with secret societies. If I were to look for some plan to take over the world by a secret society, then I would look for someone that has these qualifications. Consider the idea of materializing the spiritual hierarchy, for example. Now this would appear not only right up an alchemist’s alley, but right there with genetic manipulation of the C- body to allow the Reptilians to appear among us. So the idea that St. Germain may be alive and well and working for Monsanto, Du Pont, Dow, BASF and Bayer is not so wild. After all is he not, “C’est un homme qui ne meurt jamais et que sait tout” according to Voltaire? Even if Fredrick the Great was known to reply, “C’est un comte pour rire,” it was perhaps yet another government cover-up, for Fredrick is known to have had Rosicrucian connections.

Let us consider St. Germain’s paint manufacture in Schleswig-Holstein, his dye manufacture in Paris and the bleaching of flax in Vienna. These are the very items that kicked off many of these companies. What a toxic hydra headed beast we seek. To what it works in, like the dyers hand. Monsanto is clearly the Whore of Babylon riding in on the nine headed dragon, each head one of of the deadly pestilences she has visited upon humanity. Each one more deadly than the last.

Let us not forget the occult connection of the Nazi’s and how these companies profited from World War II. Yet another war that it appears St. Germain may have been on both sides to putatively lessen the inevitable horrible results, but from which he no doubt profited. You say correlation is not causation and association is not proof? The “unofficial” story is that the alien/occult connections during the war and after were all just cover stories to hide corporate greed and the government complicity in it.  Yeah, like anyone is going to buy that story. More likely people would believe the idea that the alien/occult connection was to cover black ops projects. It is clear that what the public believes has nothing to do with reality.

Everyone knows the connections between sex and power.  So who would doubt that a noted sex magikian like St. Germain who had the ability to teleport, levitate, walk through walls, and influence people telepathically, might also have turned to the dark side. After all, he is known to have held out very little hope for his fellows and often played both sides of a struggle, as if to say it was all a game.  This alone could have turned him, thinking that perhaps the Reptilians might have something valuable to offer mankind. Like Monsanto, he endeavored to improve our lot in life, but never forgot his own profit. This has led many a fellow spiritual traveler to fall along the wayside. Consider what an immortal like St. Germain could inject into the public debate carrying the gnostic thread across the history of all faith traditions infused by the mystery schools of each. He would be an advance man par excellence for such corporations as Monsanto, presaging all the current corruptions of humanity with oracular cures.

The question then becomes, when did he turn, and who did he bring with him? This is important because he is said to have aided our founding fathers in the framing of our fundamental principles of these United States. The Master Rákóczi, aka St. Germain, the master of the amethyst seventh ray of the new age, could have been an agent of the enemy long before the later occultists began to clean up his story. Perhaps he never turned, but was influenced by evil from the start, under the influence of Hermes; the god of trickery, the crossroads, and thieves, and the creator of the written word which carries us across all boundaries to the horizon the dense physical plane. There are hints that this adept may have influenced most secret societies with a vision of enlightenment across the span of all history, a vision where a spiritual radiation from the secret chiefs could transform humanity. This vision we know today is one that is corrupt to its core. But perhaps I overstate my case, what is evil for some, is no more than the Nietzschean Übermensch that is beyond good and evil.

A question on the Monsanto side of the equation is why would a rich John Francie Queeny start a chemical company after 30 years in the pharmaceutical business, naming the company after his wife, Monsanto, whose family owned sugar plantations in Puerto Rico, to only produce saccharin? Monsanto would later expand this sweet tooth to aspartame, but not neglecting many non-ingestible poisons along the way. Still later they would be instrumental in funding brain research into the limbic system, the emotional gateway to all things human. If St. Germain were involved, we might conjecture that he was looking for meaning in his life that was losing meaning and hope after such an eternity of living. More sinisterly, St. Germain could have been looking for ways to control the minds of humans to allow the Reptilians access. Perhaps the last piece of the puzzle will be in the genetically modified sugar beet? The heart of the matter has to involve sugar as poison, of course. The heart of the sugar connection is Morgellons. Is it is no small coincidence that it is named for a 17th century malady. Count St. Germain would have known of this disease.  This would explain why he never was seen eating in public. Not doubt, this all foreshadowed their secret breeding program, since everyone knows the effects of sugar on the human libido. Also, the sweetness connection has implications as to why the massive bee deaths are happening, especially given the quantum communication that have been found in the honey bee which may be the real threat to Monsanto’s inter-dimensional agenda.

So what connections do I see between St. Germain and Monsanto? After all, the fact that St. Germain was a chemist and herbalist does not make him a monster. Could the New Age spirituality be as much a sham as the old just because of the hidden agenda of the Count as one of its initiators? Don’t we value the message, not the messenger? Or have others reduced it all again to another ploy for power?  Could he be an agent of the Reptilians as he was for Louis XV? Where is the proof? I begin to think about St. Germain’s influence on Mesmer suggesting a hypnotic connection to all this. My eyes are getting heavy, very heavy. I begin to wonder about heading for the light, yet another trap binding me to Earth plane surely awaits me there. Is it all an exercise in thought control?

I suppose that Monsanto is headquartered in St. Louis may appear innocent enough to most. After all, Louis IX lived a sainted life, but look not at the name, but at the map. St. Louis has always been the historic crossroads of the continent and home to what was once the largest pyramid mound in the world built by the Mississippian people. Not much you say. Pyramids and crossroads are no more than words. The sacred circles of power centered  and surrounding St. Louis are just an illusion. Nothing in St. Louis suggests St. Germain, nor any final Solutia to the problem of humanity.

Perhaps an ancient Egyptian cult might add something to the mix? An uncapped pyramid topped with the Wedjat, the eye of Horus, comes to mind. Known for it’s five seen parts representing the five senses, it is enumerated by the beginning of an infinitely decreasing geometric progression that sums to unity if continued, thus suggesting an infinity of senses. A symbol worthy of our St. Germain, one who was always looking to further his extensions of consciousness in his quest for knowledge. I can almost hear St. Germain relating this to Louis XIV, the sun king, since the Egyptians often conflated Horus with Ra. Alas, the only Egyptian connections to St. Louis reside in her museum.  Notably the Ka-Nefer-Nefer burial mask, whose stolen twice beautiful soul may be more worthy symbolism, but no connection to Monsanto.

So more is needed.   To be continued….  [note: this is satire…for my real opinion of this evil click here. ]

Ishtarmuz’s: Why Monsanto, An Ex-Chemical Company, Now A BioTech Company, Is Evil #FYW

Why Monsanto, An Ex-Chemical Company, Now A BioTech Company, Is Evil

by Ishtarmuz

The reasoning involved in the nature of the evil of an “ex-chemical company” like Monsanto is not rocket science.  We only have to consider a few basic principles.  Once they are accepted as true, the rest follows.  The first principle is that life processes and systems are complex. They are the most complex systems known.  This makes all developing life sciences, especially those involved with the dysfunction and repair of life processes, as much an art as a science.  Those that would  create a product must also be able to maintain and repair it, not only the product, but also any consequence of its use. So the practice of  ’making’  or modifying of  life must equate to the healing of life in its methods in order for it to be a moral enterprise. Those that would improve life must be able to heal it when things go awry. To confuse a practicing art with an applied science is to engage in fraud and quackery of the most unethical and dangerous sort.

Before the chemical companies like Monsanto became biotechnology companies they only dealt with chemicals that interacted with life processes.  Repeatedly chemical companies like Monsanto produced new chemicals (thousands daily now)  that  they had no way of knowing what the full long term effects would be on living systems.  They were released without sufficient study. I know this because the needed pre-release experiments would have involved the study of such long term high level multivariate interactions that it would have been impossible to do these experiments in principle (though some have theorized it was possible albeit too costly to perform such experiments in practice).  In actual practice the environment itself was the testing ground, and the lawyers and the public relations propagandists delayed the inevitable lawsuits until a profit could be turned, a subsidiary company divested and the inevitable move to another product accomplished.  This is the model set by Monsanto over its hundred year history. Just think asbestos, saccharin, PCBs, DDT,  Agent Orange (dioxin), BGH, aspartamefluoride, mercuryGMOs, monocultureNazis, nuclear waste & News Corporation when you consider Monsanto.  You might add morgellons syndrome and mass bee death to that list, but that seems premature without more evidence. Yet the evidence mounts, for the bees, for the morgellons, and for the cover-up. In some real sense this all appears to be a final Solutia scenario for mankind and an awesome business plan.

Let us not forget the biggest piece to this warped pattern of corporate amorality, that of government contracts and mandates. The growth and cover of these corporate giants was through government contracts. Wars and  rumors  of war provide unlimited funding for research and development and also unlimited cover from equitable prosecution under sovereign immunity. They did it because the government asked them to do it and the  government had to do it because they were at war.  This is the real secret behind the congressional military industrial complex.

This brings us to yet another startling piece of the puzzle.  When you are at war you also have the patriotic duty to work for less under less safe conditions and companies don’t have time to worry about the consequences of this to their workers, let alone the general population.  Pollution standards can be lowered in the name of patriotism with the added benefit that your product can be freely marketed through government propaganda.

It is one thing when these companies are given a hand up by providing materials for war; it is yet another thing when these chemical products are changed to civilian uses, but retain the same standards and agreements as were used for the military at war. This was root of the old style fascism, and its more modern guise of corporatism.

It was bad enough when it was just harmful chemicals disbursed by Monsanto, now permanently lodged in every living thing on earth, that were the product of chemical reactions, but now they want to exponentiate the level of their catastrophic failure to the level of biological reactions.  Monsanto wants you to believe that they are both competent and moral enough to patent life and license its product in combination with the same subsidiary chemicals that they released to the detriment of billions around the globe. If they couldn’t consider the interaction of molecules, in principle, then even the lowest forms of life must still be beyond their reach. When further understanding of epigenetics reveals subtle negative effects, none of the crop scientists will be able to hide behind ignorance, given the warnings of the clear and present danger. So they need hide the facts as long as possible and hope no own notices until they turn a profit. Can competition regulate such abuses? Like Spain during colonial exploration, if you can’t kill the natives, marry them.  The model works so well everyone has copied it.

The truth of this will not be easy to harvest given that it is first mowed, then raked and then key Monsanto figures are baled and placed in the government barn later to be fed to the company herd and their seeds used to replant the Monsanto fields, all using huge lobbying machines. It makes me shudder to consider the human impact and the impact on higher order systems of this agro-political business growth model. Consider such a company having complete control over the world food supply, or having a monopoly on life itself.  Also consider the faux science needed to convince people that GMOs are safe compared with Monsanto’s history of lies. God forbid that the next tool of war becomes food. Maybe war will become obsolete given that corporations can rape and pillage the world with impunity as they brainwash the remaining vestiges of the domesticated (mute) populis. Perhaps this is a bit overstated. I wouldn’t want anyone to dismiss this as just another conspiracy theory. Every aficionado of the subject knows that there is always just one conspiracy and everything ties into it. However, you might want to see how a real conspiracy theory against Monsanto would look by clicking here.

The only morality a corporation like Monsanto has is its profit.  Death is the golden skeleton that is the cost of such companies doing business.  Such is the nature of evil. I am not saying profit is evil, but those that profit from death are manifesting evil incarnate.

The linkage I make of biotech with medicine is no shallow metaphor.  The ethical credo of these companies must have in it a ‘do no harm‘ provision. The researchers in these companies also must follow the tripartite role model of the physician as a clinician, public health expert and scientist. To date all we have seen is Doctor Josef Mengele when it comes to Monsanto and its ilk. The even scarier part of all this that they have formed their own triangle of trade by becoming Biotech companies by way of pharmaceutical companies.  So they get to treat the very illnesses they have created, but no one is going to believe this until the myths of their pseudoscience are debunked.

The governments around the world are considering going after Monsanto based on antitrust laws.  If this effort were real, then they would be going after companies like Monsanto under RICO-like statutes.  By doing so they would not just be forcing them to APPEAR to break up the monopolies by divesting into interlocking directorates, but they would be empowered to place direct government oversight over the corporations continually engaging in illegal and immoral activity.

One of my readers of my original post on this subject had a point. I was painting with too broad a brush and I had no plan or alternative. I just have a hard time believing that any of the Chemical Companies were or are in any way moral. However, since I had only collected history on Monsanto, I rewrote this article as Monsanto specific. Yet, I don’t see them as the only creators of Frankenstein. They are just a major player.

He wrote:

Posted by productionengineer on January 5, 2010 at 11:16 pm

Now that you’ve defined the problem, two questions emerge: a)What do you propose be done from here forward? and b)What alternative would you have preferred in the past?

You posit that that “chemical companies” produced all sorts of new chemicals without sufficient study, since truly sufficient study would be impossible. Are you suggesting then that none of these developments should have been allowed in the first place? If so, where are you drawing the line between “chemical companies” and “manufacturing companies (non-chemical)”? No, the line is NOT obvious. Polytetrafluoroethylene, computer chips, Gatorade, Cheerios, sewage treatment – which is on the “good” or “bad” side of the line.

Have some companies performed unconscionably? I’d be a fool to deny that. Do blanket statements across all industries do much outside of the talk show circuit? Not really.

My issue here is mostly not that they do damage, the issue is that they lie about it, cover it up and set it up to do it again and again and again. Risk is essential, yes, otherwise we never get anywhere. The problem is that we need to be informed participants in the risk, not guinea pigs.

The other lesson here is that you can be too big. Once you are big enough to control governments, then governments instituted for, by and of the people  must control you. There is little choice here. Either corporations submit to ethical control or we all remain slaves to the corporation.

As for the obvious solutions, well the dirty fucking hippies had it right all along. Small systems with self sustaining technology would work. This is exactly what the giant monopolies are fighting tooth and nail to debunk. Hopefully in the last forty years we have learned enough to not let the bastards grind us down this time. Illegitimi non carborundum or more correctly operor retineo non forensis liberi attero vos.

If you think these ideas are hyperbole and that their exists peer reviewed research that contradicts what I am saying, then you have not read the Bruce Stutz article on why such true peer reviewed research has yet to be done.

For a concise history of Monsanto, check out the idiot cycle and maybe some of you might want to crawl through a hole in the fence and learn how to avoid GMO foods.

You also might like: After Monsanto’s GM Meltdown in the USA or look at the next mad cow disease.

If you think that Monsanto might just be an isolated case, look at its mirror Dupont and how they are working in concert with Monsanto and the government.

If you feel helpless in the face of all this, then consider bolo’bolo or a more artistic approach.

For some more history look here and here and here and here and here.

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