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Allen Ginsberg – Moloch #FuckYouWashington #StopMurdoch

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Hackgate: The official movie trailer – The Fall of the Murdoch Empire and the fall of Corporatism

Hackgate: The official movie trailer
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Ishtarmuz’s Rebuttal to: Cracks in King Obama’s Armor: Winning in November

This is my Rebuttal to: Cracks in King Obama’s Armor the original post by Darla, ADMIN / National Director on July 10, 2010 View Darla, ADMIN / National Director’s blog which is full of such nonsense as I am rebutting here:

Ishtarmuz’s Rebuttal to: Cracks in King Obama’s Armor: Winning in November

The past few weeks have been like a tsunami of unfolding events that lead to the White House Steps. Everyday it seems as though we discover another hairline fracture in King Obama’s armor and a chain of connections to Marx and Alinsky followers.

Here we go again with another bogeyman article about Communists under the bed.  Don’t you know that Americans are more concerned with the real Corporate bullies backing the whole government machinery in this country?  You know, the kind that fund front groups like the Grassfire organization? If you think people are as naive and trusting as they were in the last century, then you are thankfully mistaken. It is people like yourself that are endangering this country with your fascist rhetoric, and your fear of your worldview toppling is just unfortunate.

I remember early in the presidential campaign Obama said “if you want to know who I am look at who I associate with” unlike the many who were in a deep sleep, I took that statement serious and thus began my search and quest to discover the real Obama.

President Obama’s point is that he associates with everyone, unlike exclusionary people that have decided by some label who they should not be associated with beforehand.

Between the handy research of Glenn Beck and … other[s]… these associations as none other than George Soros, The Tides Foundation, The Muslim faith, SEIU, ACORN, William Ayres, Jeremiah Wright, and the Communist Party, among many others.

Oh, I am so scared.  Now if he was associated with Rupert Murdoch on a regular basis and took money from him, then I would be horrified. Let me just say that a high graduate non-journalist misogynist antisemitic bigot as Glenn Beck is such a reputable source that I will not even question it. The proof is there for all to see.

King Obama’s associations run deep in the theology he embraces and governs from. A theology, I believe, that will lead to the demise of the Hope and Change victor from the 2008 election. The fractures in the armor are growing, the lies, the deception, the theology he clutches, the associations he supposedly never had…

This is unlike the Republicans that cost us our civil liberties and more for an unjustified war that we have spent more on than any social programs in generations. Money that will line corporate pockets for generations. Money that no doubt can be traced directly back to the conservative astroturf backers of the front groups you have so wrong- headedly decided to promote.

King Obama’s daily goals are simple… (I can’t repeat her bullshit.)

Not as simple as your goals. You want to repeat the sound bites of such incestuous fake news sources as reported by Fox News clowns that read like any other narcissistic scandal sheet of  Rupert Murdoch’s. This may have worked in the 20th century, but we are not so ignorant these days. Who knows, some of these groups might even become as successful as Glenn Beck at losing sponsors and for the very same reasons.

This dictator truly wants to reshape America into a socialistic regime of the elite and the poor, dumb, working class that is completely dependent on government. His associates have been …

You haven’t got a clue. It was just such rhetoric as yours that have always led dictators to power.  You fight against a label you think others will fear, even though it you claim it to be something it is not, and label yourself in some  flag waving names to cover up (sometimes even to yourself) what you are really doing. The Nazi’s were no more socialists than the the Soviets were Communists.  They were both dictatorial fascists, what we now know as corporatists, and that is where this country is going if the patriotic tea party has it’s way.  Who, may I ask, will stand up against corporations bigger than governments if we remove the government controls on them? I am so livid at the moment. I find it hard to write, but I will fight you with every ounce of my being.

These people are his friends, associates, mentors, advisors, czars, and his staff. The well-constructed walls of deception are starting to crumble. Honest people are stepping up and telling the truth as in the whistleblower case regarding the New Black Panthers and the Department of Justice. …

I judge a man by the content of his character and the quality of his thought.  I don’t care where he was born and I swear to God that the Republicans have been associating with the devil himself and you have bought it hook, line and sinker. You have shown yourself to be shallow, hateful and deceitful.  Your kind and those you would have ruling this country, I have nothing but contempt for.

Yes, the walls are crumbling and all those on the wall will find themselves like Humpty Dumpty, broken up and unable to repair the damage done to themselves or their careers when this is all brought out into the light of day. Well deserving too considering their plan to destroy America’s Republic, Capitalism, the Constitution, the financial structure, the global perspective of the US…

You…The Republicans, and their ilk, had brought this country to it’s knees.  President Obama has successfully kept us from disaster repeatedly, but all you seem to be able to point out are the failures that any reader can see were placed on his doorstep by Republicans.  Why do I want to blame Rupert Murdoch for this?  I would agree on one point though, to the degree that President Obama remains in bed with these corporate bastards, he has failed.  That is also well documented.  Why have you not spoken about that failure?

The most important action we can take this year is simply to “Get the Vote Out”. …

Yes America, you must vote because your life depends on it.

We can take the power away from the radical people in the House of Representatives and the Senate but it will take working an effective strategy. …

Yes, all those radicals that line their pockets with corporate money need to go.

By volunteering to campaign, making phone calls in tight races, or donating to a party, candidate, or group working on our behalf we can bring those walls down. …

Remember also that you vote with your dollars every day.

To view the schedule of primaries and candidate filing dates go here:

If you want to investigate more about Darla Dawald  and her organization then see below:

Darla Dawald, National Director The Patriotic Resistance A Grassfire Nation Website

This is Dale West (Ishtarmuz) awaiting your decision.

The Internet, Conspiracies, Science & Assumptions

When you hear something on the Internet it seems easy to say it is a conspiracy theory.  After all, what are the person’s credentials, what are his sources, where is the evidence and what assumptions are being made? This thought process began when I tweeted about the possibility that H1N1 being a man made virus released and marketed as a pandemic. I had used sources that pushed an anti-vaccine agenda, not stating things as a possibility, but as a fact. This was too much for a medically trained researcher who tweeted me back that everything was not a conspiracy. So I found an interview of a medical doctor quoting the ingredients, precautions and contraindications of the  insert of the H1N1 vaccine and doubting it’s safety and efficacy. The trained researcher then asked where are the peer-reviewed studies by virologists in a scholarly journals?  With a bit more research, I found one that asked the same question. So he flat out said that vaccines were safe and cited credentials. Whereupon I found another study, yet to be replicated, that suggested that season flu vaccine might double the chance of getting H1N1. Silence. Later he assured me I would not find more.

Granted, I did start out with a poor source.  Granted, I did not start with a credible studies.  This was not careful science, but I would suggest that the summary dismissal of information from any source is also not science. The bearer of the information is not the information.  The arguments I saw being posed, even if the poser did not see them as just arguments, looked to me as valid questions because I come from a true place of skeptical science.  I don’t care about credentials, nor do true scholarly journals, the information speaks for itself, no matter how poorly stated.  Well designed studies speak for themselves.  So does true investigative journalism.  No conclusions need to be stated. The evidence should be before your eyes.

So often when something is shown on the Internet it may appear to be a Just So story.  However, that does not mean that is.  True science must question everything, including its own assumptions.  The first assumption I questioned in the H1N1 story is how did they know that it was going to be a pandemic?  It was stated that the type of virus suggested it would be.  How did they know that the type of virus was going to act in this way? It had components of other pandemic viruses. How did these components separated vastly in time and space get into one organism?  Good question.  Medical science had no good answers, but under the pandemic assumption they had to fast track the vaccine to market and in many places mandated its administration (to health care workers).  Does this not sound like a scarier prospect than the H1N1 virus itself?

Sources?  Credentials?  Let us consider the medical researcher first.  The training in medicine suggests a high concern for life.  The training in science suggests a high concern for truth. Be that as it may, when faced with what you are told is an impending world-wide crisis, the practice of medicine becomes more of an art, and the practice that it is, and the science has no time to carefully replicate or deeply question its findings.  This would not be the first time that errors have happened in such situations.  So, the question now comes to sources. Well, the validity of my credible sources we will hear more about soon enough, I will let you consider a more conspiratorial one here.  The the source of the rushed vaccine trails was Sanofi-Pasteur and CLS Biotherapies which may not at all be reason for concern. The FDA has approved the trials, again no apparent reason for concern. But then, I think to myself about the HPV Gardisil hype.  Are we going to again scare the people into immunizing millions and mandating some no less, perhaps with thousands of negative reactions, for an illness that lethally afflicts only hundreds of people.  This would be a scandal on its face in the public health world. None of this appears to have happened with this vaccine.  So was it all just another conspiracy theory? Maybe, but still aren’t we looking more at dollar signs here than lives?  Isn’t this the real problem with all aspects of healthcare in the USA?  Are my assumptions here that off base and paranoid? Then someone tweeted me about a Murdoch connection to this and another drug company in the UK. Is your skin crawling yet?

I began looking at the drug approval process used by the FDA.  In general, regulators don’t negotiate budgets with the companies they oversee. However, the FDA, is paid user’s fee in the millions of dollars to fast track drug approvals. This funds half of the critical drug approval process.  I now begin to wonder how much the FDA might have been paid for the fast track of  the vaccine that resulted in the almost 200 million dollars in contracts to provide vaccine to the United States population and how this process must ripple around the world to be effective.

So we have a suspect illness, a suspect regulator, and suspect research with millions of dollars invested by each organization in multiple products.  None of this should be questioned by me, even if some credible sources with real vested interests in science and health question it? Am I to accept the paranoid label from a trained medical researcher that have a vested interest in their education, training, and marketability even if they don’t directly work in the field? I don’t think this is clear thinking to do so, but then I am just another fuzzy headed thinker.  So you can dismiss me and feel no peril.

The issues of relying on the conspiracy sources are real nonetheless. I must fairly note that much of the originally tweeted information has been discredited apparently and is it still oft repeated.  This may have been the point of my original detractor, after all, don’t I keep on pointing out that a source with a history of misinformation is not to be relied upon?  Yet, even when I say it is not to be trusted, I mean it is not to be trusted on its face. There may be a real question in all the noise.  Where is the evidence, I often ask, was the original probe given to me by the detractor. I looked for the evidence based on my assumptions, ignoring the glaring inaccuracies and leaps in the original links.  So much for communication in 140 characters. So much for taking or dismissing  information on face value.

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