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Did Romney Commit Felony By Lying about Bain?

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Romney Lies

Romney Lies

Ignorance Is Strength – A Republican Changes History And Literature By Spreading Ignorance

There is a sadly misinformed blog article written by Catherine Forester that is so bad that I could not resist rebutting it. Obama Plays Evil Capitalist With ‘Other’ People’s Money was written by  an Orlando Republican Examiner on September 19, 2011.It starts with this piece of tripe:

 Left wingers say that capitalism has failed. It is evil! They believe the only good society is a socialist society where everyone is paid equally ‘by the government’. Equality for everybody! 

In 1945 George Orwell wrote the allegorical Animal Farm exposing Stalin’s communism. Animals (with human characteristics) were exposed to the ‘wonders’ of socialism but through evil, ignorance and greed, the ‘society’ soon evolved into ‘leaders’ and ‘workers’ or as Orwell explained: “Some are ‘more’ equal than others”.

Clearly she knows few “left wingers” because I can’t find more than a handful that will sit still to listen to communist ideas. I say unambiguously communism because that was the system allegorized by Animal Farm. Note that communism is a form of government.  Socialism, which is an economic system, is what many of the mixed economies of the developed world choose to call their economy.  It is also should be noted that it was not even communism that George Orwell was allegorizing, but how such systems can be so easily corrupted. Also it must be pointed out that George Orwell was a socialist.

Socialist liberals like Barack Hussein Obama believe that they are the ones ‘more equal’ and the rest of us are simply ‘workers’. These liberals love capitalism as long as they can acquire billions of dollars of the ‘workers’ money to spend on their ‘pet projects’ or on themselves.

Only someone that could not even look at Wikipedia article or take a few hours to actually read a book written at a child’s reading level as Animal Farm could so boldly assert that our President Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist liberal (or equate him to anything in Animal Farm) when any sighted person could see that even his moderate base is often disgusted with his actions which clearly move to right so often. As for the far left, I am sure that is far beyond her ken.  We have no leaders save thought, no wealth save creativity and no agenda save truth.  I can safely say that although most of the far left voted for our President believing he would do much more than he has, and they will probably do so again with no better choice.  They disagree with him more strongly than she does.  Unlike her, however, they understand what being  a socialist really means. President Obama is sadly, no socialist.  However, if the right continue to trash the economy to make him look bad, then maybe we will see some viable socialist candidates. So Republicans. Knock yourself out.

One of Obama and liberals’ pet projects is ‘Green Energy’…

Not one environmentalist I know thinks Obama is actually “green” at all. His actions have repeatedly said otherwise, but that requires reading.  As for the “scandal” piece that I snipped, you can go to the original article. All I have to say it that it all boils down to the math challenged GOP and failure to say just how much much the failed investment represented of the total  (less than 1%)  and that we actually lag behind Germany and China in such investment.

Obama does not have the brains to be a capitalist with his own money, he has to use our tax dollars.  …

This sentence is just rude, arrogant and ignorant. What someone does with their own money is irrelevant and the President has no power of the purse. The President does nothing with your money and to suggest he does is slander because it is illegal. This is the GOP pissing contest. You are not worthy unless you can piss higher.  Go ahead GOP piss higher.

I can’t go on with this. She makes me tired.

2.5 years ago BP Oil gave Obama a million dollars in campaign funds and his MMS (Minerals Management Service) then waived safety violations and let BP drill deeper than anyone else and – voila – the Gulf Oil Spill. The media covered up this ‘campaign money cronyism’ pretty fast.  Obama did what liberals always do – changed the name’ of MMS to BOEMRE (Bureau of Ocean Management, Regulation and Enforcement).  This is how liberals fix scandals – they change names. Remember ACORN?  (  Look at the word ‘liberal’. After Americans understood that ‘liberal’ meant ‘tax and spend’, liberals began calling themselves ‘progressives’.

The first sentence is a bald face deception. Yes, BP contributed most to candidate Barack Obama, but overall BP contributed and contributes more to Republicans. They have to spread the money around because they don’t know who will win.  However, anyone with eyes can see they have owned the GOP much longer. There is that GOP math again.

As for ACORN, well, I would have had those that orchestrated the entrapment, doctored the videos and knowing pushed a false story indicted. Who knows if an investigation of Rupert Murdoch crosses the pond, then maybe it will happen.

In 13 months America gets to decide whether they want to continue the liberal experiment of socialism where everyone, except for the ‘rulers’, become wards of the government or go back to Reagan conservatism where each individual is free and can prosper. European socialist countries have depended on the United States capital economy to keep them afloat but since Obama is determined to destroy capitalism – Europe is collapsing under their socialist weight.  Obama has worked hard to destroy the American economy and has caused millions of people to lose their jobs and millions of people to lose their homes and their hope. This is what socialism does. 

Of course, liberal is such a broad term that it is meaningless.  Ron Paul’s social views are often liberal.  He would, for example, legalize many victimless crimes compared with our liberal democrats who often disagree with any such ideas.

I can see that the GOP math and reading challenge is really active in her last paragraph.  Anyone can look up what Ronald Reagan actually did.  So GOP you just go and continue to tout his values and actions.

And as for the economy,  anyone that thinks that the world economy was not dragged down mostly by deregulated banks, speculators and investors is just delusional.

Barack Hussein Obama and his ‘followers’ are hypocrites. They seek capitalists’ money for their political campaigns and they fawn over their ‘capitalist’ friends (such as Warren Buffett and Robert Rubin) while they try to destroy capitalism. They love socialism – but – only when they are the ones ‘more equal’. 

OMG. No she didn’t.  Capitalist money? Now she is just being a plan flat out fool.  Money does not take an adjective lest it be foolish.  And if it did take that one, then those damned capitalist just better fix this this world they created and apparently own before someone comes along and burns the rest of it down for them. I begin to think they may be hoping for that, so they can collect the insurance money on all their ‘capitalist’ investments that appear to not be worth what they paid for them.

You can see the original article in all its glory by clicking the link below:

ThinkProgess: WWJD? Not Let the Uninsured Die

In my email 09/16/11 from

Conservative Christians Rebuke Tea Party Extremists

ThinkProgress traveled to Liberty University, one of the most conservative Christian universities in the country, earlier this week to cover a speech by Texas Governor Rick Perry. Following Perry’s speech, we asked students to comment on the shocking moment during this week’s GOP presidential debate when the Tea Party crowd cheered for the death of an uninsured man. Check out the video from ThinkProgress’ Scott Keyes:

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Here’s the transcript:

KEYES: In the debate on Monday, there was the question of whether or not a 30 year old who doesn’t have health insurance and gets in a major accident, we ought to just let him die or we ought to provide care for him. What do you think would be the Christian thing to do?STUDENT 1: Definitely to give him care, no matter what your age is.

KEYES: What do you think the Christian thing to do there is?

STUDENT 2: If he didn’t have health insurance?

KEYES: Yeah.

STUDENT 2: I would say take care of him.

KEYES: Do you think it’s un-Christian to be letting uninsured people die? What would you do?

STUDENT 3: Why would someone let anyone die just because they can’t pay for something? That’s the thing I don’t understand. Me and my family, we’re financially impaired right now, we’re in a shelter. We have insurance and all that, but at the same time for those who don’t have insurance, what’s the point of killing someone, taking a life, just because they can’t pay for something? It’s like going to a hospital, charging millions of dollars to have an operation to save someone’s life, they can’t pay for it, okay so we’ve got to kill them? We can’t save a life because they can’t pay for it? That doesn’t make any sense to me, I don’t understand.

KEYES: Do you think that’s a Christian thing to let an uninsured person die?

STUDENT 4: Absolutely not. I don’t see how that’s Christian in any way. I mean “Christian.” I think everyone has the right to life, including I don’t agree with capital punishment, I think that those people also have a right to life.

KEYES: What do you think the Christian thing to do there would be?

STUDENT 5: I believe provide care for him. I believe we should provide some care for him.

KEYES: What do you think, do you think that it would be Christian to let uninsured people die?

STUDENT 6: I don’t think it is. I think that they should work towards making sure that people no matter what should live.

STUDENT 3: I bet if Jesus came back right now, all them politicians, all them doctors who had to do something like that would probably give their life to Christ because they felt so bad about themselves. Because they knew that they took a life just because someone couldn’t pay for it.

Evening Brief: Important Stories That You May Have Missed

Austin Frakt explains how Medicare premiums already vary by income.

The Georgia Tea Party is arguing that “the county should abandon its light rail proposal because if the light rail line were to be completed, it would become a magnet for terrorist attacks.”

Michelle Bachmann’s claim that “immigration law worked beautifully” in the 1960s overlooks the fact that those laws favored white immigrants from Northern European countries and excluded or disadvantaged Jews, Asians and Africans.

The United States, in all likelihood, will veto the Palestinian request for United Nations recognized statehood but Notre Dame political science professor Michael C. Desch argues that the Obama administration should start looking at the long-term strategic benefits of not hindering the Palestinians at the UN.

The same group of neoconservatives who helped push the U.S. into invading Iraq are now pushing for an indefinite U.S. military presence in Iraq.

President Obama angered environmentalists with his reversal on smog regulations. But once it’s put into context, where does his green record really stand?

Fifty-one Congressional members have spoken out against the pending execution of Troy Davis next week, who is sentenced to death despite substantial doubt about the evidence.

Groups fire back at House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) claim that homosexuality is a choice as a reason for supporting the “Defense of Marriage Act.”

Sign Here: Tell Congress to Rebuild America

For the past decade, Congress has had no problem spending over $120 billion to rebuild schools, roads, bridges and other essential infrastructure in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, America’s infrastructure is crumbling and millions of people are out of work. All the Republican leaders in Congress voted to approve massive amounts of funding to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan without a penny in offsets. But now they are opposing President Obama’s proposal to rebuild America even though it’s fully paid for. Contact your member today and demand we invest at least as much in our own communities as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan. Click here to contact your member of Congress.

Is it Christian to let uninsured people die? #GOPvalues

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John Boehner Said Just The Right Thing

John Boehner Said Just The Right Thing

John Boehner said just the right thing last night citing again his early résumé, stating he has just the right job experience to do the job of Speaker of the House as reported on NPR’s Morning Edition, repeating what was reported in CQ Politics on September 20, 2010 as reposted on Yahoo News:

“Listen, I grew up in a family of 12, my dad owned a bar and, as I like to say, all of the training that I need for my job, I learned growing up. … You grow up in a big family, you have to learn to get along with each other, you have to learn to get things done together, you need to work as a family.”

Boehner added: “You work around a bar, I mopped floors, I cleaned dishes, I waited tables, I tended bar. You have to learn to deal with every character who walks in the door.”

What is missing from this is that most of the service industry of this country does not work for their father, they have no union, they have no health insurance, they have no childcare, and they have to work when they are sick because they have no sick days even though it is a public health hazard. They also know that if they wish to get tips that the customer is always right, and they must suck it up and smile no matter what kind of jerk they have to deal with.  They must ask and remember exactly what the customer wants and never assume anything other than, for all their hard work, that most of the time they will be poorly rewarded.

If this was the future Speaker’s experience as a young man, then we can expect his Republican counterparts will not be happy with him. When you are exposed to the real world in this way, your first thought as a disadvantaged young man is not that while chasing that American dream you will need to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. Rather, your first thought is that you never do it alone and you are thankful for all the help you get along the way.  Somehow I don’t think this will be the way he sees it, but we can hope.

Discipline and hard work can only take you so far.  Only talent, resources and opportunity can take you the rest of the way.  Only those that were well insulated and protected from the rest of the world can come to believe they did it on their own.  This does breed a certain self confidence, self satisfaction and a healthy sense of responsibility for oneself, but not a clear view of our responsibility to the rest of the world or a clear sense that not everyone is as fortunate as ourselves.  Again, let us hope that the future Speaker is talking about real world experience when he remembers his early résumé, because this will be the only thing that can reign in the tea party horse he rode in on.

In My Email:from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

What do Republicans do when the truth hurts? They resort to this.

Check out the despicable e-mail below that Republicans actually sent out yesterday full of lies, distortions, and even an electronic forgery of Speaker Pelosi’s signature.

These childish and desperate tactics are nothing new for Republicans. They’ve hung Democratic Congressmen in effigy. They’re inciting mob violence against a pinata of Speaker Pelosi at this week’s right-wing lunatic fringe fest. And now this.

This is how they react to watching the House pass one bill after another to dismantle the failed Bush agenda and move America forward. These tactics need the most forceful response we can muster.

Let’s stand up for Speaker Pelosi who is helping President Obama move America forward. Help us reach our $100,000 goal: Contribute $5, $10 or more in the next 48 hours to our Emergency Rapid Response Fund so we can hit back hard.

– Jon Vogel

From: Nancy Pelosi
Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 4:34pm
Subject: Don’t have a job? Don’t worry.

Paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
430 South Capitol Street, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20003
(202) 863-1500 –
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
Contributions or gifts to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee are not tax deductible.

In my email: Discrimination at Death; Avoiding the Death Penalty; The Church vs. the Homeless

November 9 – November 15


Discrimination at Death; Avoiding the Death Penalty; The Church vs. the Homeless

Hey Changemakers,

The U.S. marked Veterans Day this week, and soon a total of more than 1.8 million Americans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan will be back home.

Though many of these brave men and women will have returned to eager families and with awards for their service, many of them will also come back bearing the scars of war, including both physical injuries and psychological trauma. Ensuring that these soldiers have a healthy homecoming is a responsibility all of us share.

Retired U.S. Army Captain and Iraq War veteran Scott Quilty writes on this week that, remarkably, there’s been no national effort to fully reintegrate these veterans into our communities. The consequences – veteran unemployment, substance abuse, domestic violence, and higher-than-ever suicide rates – are hurting us all. For many veterans, the homecoming process doesn’t last a day, or even a week. It can sometimes last a lifetime.

Captain Quilty should know. Three years ago he stepped on a roadside bomb in Iraq’s “triangle of death,” losing an arm and a leg. Today, he’s become a tireless campaigner for the first national plan that details the steps we can take to improve the homecoming process for millions of veterans.

To learn more about Captain Quilty’s story and join the good work he and others are doing through The Campaign for Healthy Homecoming, click here.

For more news and commentary on the world of change, see this week’s top stories from your favorite causes below.

Top Actions This Week

Health Care is a Human Right
by Amnesty International USA
Take action »

Tell President Obama to Step Up on Climate!
by 1SKY
Take action »

Help Strengthen America’s Toxic Chemicals Standards
by Environmental Defense Action Fund
Take action »

Start a Petition »

Discrimination at Death
The nation’s most homophobic governor cemented his reputation this week. Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri vetoed a law that would have allowed gays and lesbians to plan the funerals for their deceased partners. Carcieri said that allowing gay people to plan the funerals for their partners takes us down the slippery slope toward gay marriage. Gay Rights blogger Michael Jones writes that Carcieri’s actions are soulless, revealing that just as anti-gay zealots don’t want gays and lesbians to be together in life, they don’t want gay and lesbian couples to be together in death. (Read more)
Avoiding the Death Penalty
If you hire a lawyer, the chances are you won’t be sentenced to death in parts of Texas, which otherwise puts more people to death than any other state. Criminal Justice blogger Matt Kelley reports that a prominent criminologist recently reviewed 504 capital indictments over three decades in Harris County, Texas, and found that defendants who hired lawyers for the entire trial were never sentenced to death. This is a stunning revelation of the inequity of our criminal justice system, where those who can’t afford representation are much more likely to be put to death. (Read more)
The Church vs. the Homeless
Washington, D.C.’s homeless population has become the latest target of the Catholic Church’s outrage over gay marriage. As D.C. city council members prepare for a vote on gay marriage, the Catholic Church has threatened to stop providing social services in the city if the District chooses to recognize equal rights for gays and lesbians. That includes social services that help more than one-third of D.C.’s homeless population. End Homelessness blogger Shannon Moriarty asks: is the Church using the poorest among us as pawns to advance discrimination against gays and lesbians? (Read more)
Republican Abortion Hypocrisy
Last week nearly every Republican in Congress voted to make it virtually impossible for private insurance companies that participate in the new health system to offer abortion coverage to women. However, Women’s Rights blogger Jen Nedeau writes that it was also revealed that employees at the Republican National Committee have had abortion covered under their insurance plan since at least 1991. Hypocrisy? Jen thinks so. (Read more)
Investing in Women
A startling fact: women produce as much as 80 percent of the world’s food but only own two percent of the land. Sustainable Food blogger Katherine Gustafson writes that if we care about sustainable agriculture and food security, we cannot ignore the rights of women who are doing much of the world’s agricultural work. That’s why it’s very good news that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that women would be at the heart of the international agricultural priorities of the Obama administration. (Read more)

We hope you had a great weekend,

– The Team

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