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So is Anti-GMO Equivalent to Nazi Book Burning?

The idea that those that oppose GMOs through direct action are equivalent to Nazi book burners is a troubling notion.  It is based on two simplistic premises that science is neutral and that the advancement of knowledge is good.  However, the premises contradict each other.  If science is neutral, and science has the goal of the advancement of knowledge, then to my mind the advancement of knowledge can be neither good nor bad, just the uses to which it can be put.  Any thinking person can agree that although science may be neutral, scientists and everybody else, are not. That corporate greed can undermine the neutrality of scientific results should be a cautionary tale to us all. 

Consider that Nazi science was neutral, but the scientists were not. It is clear that Nazi science, although neutral, was often also immoral. Scientists could agree to go on wholeheartedly with the experiments, or sabotage them. The scientist as a Nazi would go on with experiment in good faith.  The scientist as a moral person would find any way possible to disrupt it.  So the question is who, if any, are the real Nazis in this debate?

Discussion over honest differences of opinion in the arena of scientific ideas is the way knowledge advances.  Theories change on as experiments warrant. However, as with a medical trial, the experiment stops when the precautionary principle suggests that harm could be done.

As the patient is on the operating table, the GMO supporters argue that the patient will die without the operation.  They argue that the anti-GMO people are causing the patient to die by halting the operation and saying that anti-GMO people are doomsayers. The death of the patient is itself a theory open to debate, as is the efficacy, morality and safety of the operation.  This makes the GMO supporters not only the doomsayers, but also immoral by openly violating the precautionary principle.

A Poisoned World – Pt17 – Food Inc

A Poisoned World – Pt17 – Food Inc

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RT: History of Monsanto

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GMO: More Unintended Consequences

GMO: More Unintended Consequences
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GMO: More Unintended Consequences
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IT’S PEOPLE!, posted with vodpod

Just because you can do something does not mean you should.  Some science should stay unexploited (if not unexplored) until such a time that we are mature enough to inhabit the forbidden planet where its secrets hide. Knowledge for knowledge’s sake does not equate to technology for technology’s sake.  Knowing in itself does not have a consequence until it manifests as technology and then it always has consequences.  The trick is to predict and prepare for any negative consequences. When faced with a science that is complex enough to have unpredictable long-term negative consequences, to dive headlong into its exploitation is playing chicken with all life on earth.  If that makes me a Luddite, then so be it.  The alternative is be a lunatic willing to destroy the world.

So What Could Monsanto’s Or Any Biotech’s GMO Lead To Anyway?

“GMO” the musical

“GMO” the musical

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1st collector for “GMO” the musical
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No Monsanto

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Payday Monsanto – NO Monsanto , posted with vodpod

Just Say No To GMO

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Genetic Engineering – OMD

Genetic Engineering – OMD

 OMD live video on October 4th 2008 in Nottingham is gone from the internet, but OMD from the album tells us:


Efficient, logical, effective, and practical.

Using all resources to the best of our ability.
Changing, designing, adapting our mentalities.
Improving our abilities for a better way of life.

Babies. mother. hospital. scissors.
Creature. judgement. butcher. engineer.

These are the little children, the future in our hands.
When all god’s children on this earth inherit all our plans.
These are the lies they tell us. but this is the only way.

When all god’s children on the earth will evermore be saved.

Repeat chorus (2)

These are the little children, the future in our hands.
When all god’s children on this earth inherit all our plans.
These are the lies they tell us. the future’s good as sold.
In all the things we do and know, we really must be told.

from YouTube

Let the children tell us:

Let the animals tell us:

Vídeo musical de El Rey León

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – Genetic Engineering

Taka, Uru, Ahadi, Mufasa, Mohatu, Kopa

Just Say No to GMO music video

Say No To  GMO


Help us raise $20,000 to fund the Institute for Responsible Technology’s efforts to fight against GMOs!


“Just say no to GMOs is the Battle Hymn for our new Organic Republic. Take action against Monsanto and their mad scientists and indentured politicians.”

– Ronnie Cummins, Director, Organic Consumers Association

“Mike’s Anti-GMO rap is not only great music, it’s just the kind of creative way we need to get the message out to people who may not even know they are eating dangerous genetically modified organisms every day. Great job Mike!”

– Jeffrey Smith, executive director, Institute for Responsible Technology

Mike Adams unleashes his creative talents once again by putting together “Just Say NO to GMO”. It’s a wildly clever and catchy way to educate you about the real dangers and authentic risks that GMO’s pose to the public health.

Dr. Mercola, Founder

“Mike Adams just released his new song and video “Say No To GMO” which is awesome. Thank God we have people like Mike who are determined to help change the world through health education. Lets all help Mike spread the word and shut down these GMO food producing companies. The future of our world depends on it!!”

– Dr. Edward F. Group III,

“Just Say No to GMOs is not only a great song, it also contains an important message. Mike Adams has combined his talents of honest health reporting and surprising music composition to create a song that is a modern call to action against the dangerous and imminent genetic modification of our entire food supply.”

– Kevin Gianni, founder, the Renegade Health Show

“If the youth of any generation are the catalyst for real change, Mike Adams just put the next generation on the map when it comes to saying no to genetically modified foodstuffs. Mike, along with Jeffry Smith, rap GMO’s right out of the food pyramid with a dynamic and targeted new new song ‘Just Say No to GMOs.’ Can a song groove and rock all at the same time? I can hardly wait to debut it on my next radio broadcast!”

– Robert Scott Bell, host and creator of the Robert Scott Bell radio show

“Mike always impresses me with his dedication to truth, passion for natural health and innovative ways of sharing the messages he cares about – and this new song is no exception! ‘Just Say No to GMOs’ is a powerful and meaningful call to action, which I am sure will especially appeal to young people and help educate them on food safety. I applaud Mike for sharing his inner rapper with us all…!”

– Matt Monarch

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