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Ignorance Is Strength – A Republican Changes History And Literature By Spreading Ignorance

There is a sadly misinformed blog article written by Catherine Forester that is so bad that I could not resist rebutting it. Obama Plays Evil Capitalist With ‘Other’ People’s Money was written by  an Orlando Republican Examiner on September 19, 2011.It starts with this piece of tripe:

 Left wingers say that capitalism has failed. It is evil! They believe the only good society is a socialist society where everyone is paid equally ‘by the government’. Equality for everybody! 

In 1945 George Orwell wrote the allegorical Animal Farm exposing Stalin’s communism. Animals (with human characteristics) were exposed to the ‘wonders’ of socialism but through evil, ignorance and greed, the ‘society’ soon evolved into ‘leaders’ and ‘workers’ or as Orwell explained: “Some are ‘more’ equal than others”.

Clearly she knows few “left wingers” because I can’t find more than a handful that will sit still to listen to communist ideas. I say unambiguously communism because that was the system allegorized by Animal Farm. Note that communism is a form of government.  Socialism, which is an economic system, is what many of the mixed economies of the developed world choose to call their economy.  It is also should be noted that it was not even communism that George Orwell was allegorizing, but how such systems can be so easily corrupted. Also it must be pointed out that George Orwell was a socialist.

Socialist liberals like Barack Hussein Obama believe that they are the ones ‘more equal’ and the rest of us are simply ‘workers’. These liberals love capitalism as long as they can acquire billions of dollars of the ‘workers’ money to spend on their ‘pet projects’ or on themselves.

Only someone that could not even look at Wikipedia article or take a few hours to actually read a book written at a child’s reading level as Animal Farm could so boldly assert that our President Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist liberal (or equate him to anything in Animal Farm) when any sighted person could see that even his moderate base is often disgusted with his actions which clearly move to right so often. As for the far left, I am sure that is far beyond her ken.  We have no leaders save thought, no wealth save creativity and no agenda save truth.  I can safely say that although most of the far left voted for our President believing he would do much more than he has, and they will probably do so again with no better choice.  They disagree with him more strongly than she does.  Unlike her, however, they understand what being  a socialist really means. President Obama is sadly, no socialist.  However, if the right continue to trash the economy to make him look bad, then maybe we will see some viable socialist candidates. So Republicans. Knock yourself out.

One of Obama and liberals’ pet projects is ‘Green Energy’…

Not one environmentalist I know thinks Obama is actually “green” at all. His actions have repeatedly said otherwise, but that requires reading.  As for the “scandal” piece that I snipped, you can go to the original article. All I have to say it that it all boils down to the math challenged GOP and failure to say just how much much the failed investment represented of the total  (less than 1%)  and that we actually lag behind Germany and China in such investment.

Obama does not have the brains to be a capitalist with his own money, he has to use our tax dollars.  …

This sentence is just rude, arrogant and ignorant. What someone does with their own money is irrelevant and the President has no power of the purse. The President does nothing with your money and to suggest he does is slander because it is illegal. This is the GOP pissing contest. You are not worthy unless you can piss higher.  Go ahead GOP piss higher.

I can’t go on with this. She makes me tired.

2.5 years ago BP Oil gave Obama a million dollars in campaign funds and his MMS (Minerals Management Service) then waived safety violations and let BP drill deeper than anyone else and – voila – the Gulf Oil Spill. The media covered up this ‘campaign money cronyism’ pretty fast.  Obama did what liberals always do – changed the name’ of MMS to BOEMRE (Bureau of Ocean Management, Regulation and Enforcement).  This is how liberals fix scandals – they change names. Remember ACORN?  (  Look at the word ‘liberal’. After Americans understood that ‘liberal’ meant ‘tax and spend’, liberals began calling themselves ‘progressives’.

The first sentence is a bald face deception. Yes, BP contributed most to candidate Barack Obama, but overall BP contributed and contributes more to Republicans. They have to spread the money around because they don’t know who will win.  However, anyone with eyes can see they have owned the GOP much longer. There is that GOP math again.

As for ACORN, well, I would have had those that orchestrated the entrapment, doctored the videos and knowing pushed a false story indicted. Who knows if an investigation of Rupert Murdoch crosses the pond, then maybe it will happen.

In 13 months America gets to decide whether they want to continue the liberal experiment of socialism where everyone, except for the ‘rulers’, become wards of the government or go back to Reagan conservatism where each individual is free and can prosper. European socialist countries have depended on the United States capital economy to keep them afloat but since Obama is determined to destroy capitalism – Europe is collapsing under their socialist weight.  Obama has worked hard to destroy the American economy and has caused millions of people to lose their jobs and millions of people to lose their homes and their hope. This is what socialism does. 

Of course, liberal is such a broad term that it is meaningless.  Ron Paul’s social views are often liberal.  He would, for example, legalize many victimless crimes compared with our liberal democrats who often disagree with any such ideas.

I can see that the GOP math and reading challenge is really active in her last paragraph.  Anyone can look up what Ronald Reagan actually did.  So GOP you just go and continue to tout his values and actions.

And as for the economy,  anyone that thinks that the world economy was not dragged down mostly by deregulated banks, speculators and investors is just delusional.

Barack Hussein Obama and his ‘followers’ are hypocrites. They seek capitalists’ money for their political campaigns and they fawn over their ‘capitalist’ friends (such as Warren Buffett and Robert Rubin) while they try to destroy capitalism. They love socialism – but – only when they are the ones ‘more equal’. 

OMG. No she didn’t.  Capitalist money? Now she is just being a plan flat out fool.  Money does not take an adjective lest it be foolish.  And if it did take that one, then those damned capitalist just better fix this this world they created and apparently own before someone comes along and burns the rest of it down for them. I begin to think they may be hoping for that, so they can collect the insurance money on all their ‘capitalist’ investments that appear to not be worth what they paid for them.

You can see the original article in all its glory by clicking the link below:

The Poor’s Free Ride Is Over – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart #GOPmath

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Tea Party vs Math #GOPmath

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Tea Party vs Math , posted with vodpod

Hartmann: Republicans Don’t Know Squat About Food Stamps

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Just another case of right wing entitlement.  Only their values, ideas and policies are worth considering.  Everyone else is just living off that world they created and they would rather it all went to hell rather than anyone benefit from it other than them.

John Boehner Said Just The Right Thing

John Boehner Said Just The Right Thing

John Boehner said just the right thing last night citing again his early résumé, stating he has just the right job experience to do the job of Speaker of the House as reported on NPR’s Morning Edition, repeating what was reported in CQ Politics on September 20, 2010 as reposted on Yahoo News:

“Listen, I grew up in a family of 12, my dad owned a bar and, as I like to say, all of the training that I need for my job, I learned growing up. … You grow up in a big family, you have to learn to get along with each other, you have to learn to get things done together, you need to work as a family.”

Boehner added: “You work around a bar, I mopped floors, I cleaned dishes, I waited tables, I tended bar. You have to learn to deal with every character who walks in the door.”

What is missing from this is that most of the service industry of this country does not work for their father, they have no union, they have no health insurance, they have no childcare, and they have to work when they are sick because they have no sick days even though it is a public health hazard. They also know that if they wish to get tips that the customer is always right, and they must suck it up and smile no matter what kind of jerk they have to deal with.  They must ask and remember exactly what the customer wants and never assume anything other than, for all their hard work, that most of the time they will be poorly rewarded.

If this was the future Speaker’s experience as a young man, then we can expect his Republican counterparts will not be happy with him. When you are exposed to the real world in this way, your first thought as a disadvantaged young man is not that while chasing that American dream you will need to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. Rather, your first thought is that you never do it alone and you are thankful for all the help you get along the way.  Somehow I don’t think this will be the way he sees it, but we can hope.

Discipline and hard work can only take you so far.  Only talent, resources and opportunity can take you the rest of the way.  Only those that were well insulated and protected from the rest of the world can come to believe they did it on their own.  This does breed a certain self confidence, self satisfaction and a healthy sense of responsibility for oneself, but not a clear view of our responsibility to the rest of the world or a clear sense that not everyone is as fortunate as ourselves.  Again, let us hope that the future Speaker is talking about real world experience when he remembers his early résumé, because this will be the only thing that can reign in the tea party horse he rode in on.

Ishtarmuz’s rebuttal to Warof2010 posting 07/26/10 of – Our first mission, American Patriots.

This is Ishtarmuz’s rebuttal to Warof2010 posting 07/26/10 of – Our first mission, American Patriots.

The first thing you will often notice when you see a post from a bigoted Tea Party bastard is that the words are not sufficient to carry the message.  They need to colorize their words into red and blue with multiple font changes like teenage girls needing to hide their shallowness of experience, attracting narcissistic attention with whorish makeup.  Tea party English will have buzzwords and neologisms in abundance to cover their ignorance of the basic fundamentals of writing English and their lack of understanding of how to frame a rational argument.

You will see a fine example of this authoritarian narcissism exhibited by the Tea Party post shown below.  The first point that is made has to do with the number of undocumented aliens in this country.  I must first say that currently this alien issue is more a semantic one than a legal one in many cases.  My grandmother had a baby, my father, out of wedlock in 1915.  She went to Canada to have her baby and had the minister sign the birth certificate to avoid the scandal.  My father never knew this until he was forty years old. What he never knew was that she eventually married the brother of the actual father and my father had taken on his name never knowing the real story.  All my father’s life he could never prove he was a citizen without his Honorable Discharge from the Army.  Such a lack of documentation would swell the number of ‘illegals’ in this country to well over what the tea party want to contend.  They support legal measures that would make many such people non-citizens.  Some of us are bastards due to an accident of birth, some, like the tea partiers, are self-made people.

The second erudite point made below has to do with Unemployment Insurance Benefits.  Note first that insurance, by definition, is designed to pay out more than you ( via you employer) put into it for the few that need to use it.  This, like Social Security benefits RSDI (Retirement Survivors Disability Insurance), is an insurance designed so that of the large number paying into it, only a fraction actually collect, but often collect more than they paid into it.  Such measures were put into place to stabilize the frequent economic swings that put ‘free’ market capitalism into recession or depression leaving large segments of the population on the street.  The only effective method that has ever been applied to such depressive times, once in them, has been to spend money; and the only source of such willing spending has come from the government.  Short of slave labor, no self respecting capitalist would invest in labor as its value continues to fall. This brings up the other stabilizing enemy of the Tea Party, the union.  If the Tea Party had existed in the Great Depression, the 25% unemployment would still be with us today.  The unemployed would continue to own the street for the more fortunate.

The third erudite point returns to the undocumented workers.  There is a complete disconnect with reality here.  Citizenship is strictly the purview of the federal government as stated in the Constitution.  The problem of undocumented workers is a supply and demand issue and their employers need to be made felons for hiring them.  You know, all those fortunate anti-union people not on unemployment, hiring slave labor to support their way of life.  You can picket all those employers of undocumented workers if you please, but a few good court cases, a good boycott as well as your picket would be more effective.  Yet, even better, would be to have a consistent set of principles that would not promote the practices that you fight.

The article (Note that my skill at recreating the full glory of the original article is limited.  So you will have to go see it.):


Our mission, American Patriots

the APPP, has two immediate requests/demands of Congress

#1. First, simply for your edification:

there are closer to 30 million illegals in our United States. than 12 million.

IMMEDIATELY: make it illegal, for an illegal, to illegally solicit work,

anywhere in “Our United States of America”

*In November the extended/extended/extended unemployment benefits will end again

Don’t borrow any more more more money, it simply results in more compounded debt,

You must allow American workers to own the streets,
so that more-fortunate Americans may provide them a day’s work

#2. in the meantime, please don’t make things any worse, between now, and then.

#3. At a point in time, We the People, will want:

Illegal immigration, federal & state, laws, to be changed.

from a misdemeanor, to a Class I Felony $10,000 3-1/2 yrs


Facing Reality Fellow Americans

this is step #1 in our platform, We are the American Patriots

Patriots: in planning PATRIOT STRIKES every precaution
will be taken to protect our forces. more to follow.

1. DHS has a list of U.S. employers employing approx. 8 million illegals

“8,000,000 Illegal Immigrant Workers Working At American Jobs”

2. obtain the list

we have the list, 219 large/semi-large employers selected, so far

3. based on geographics/demographics,
and American Patriots, one business/per state,
known to be employing numerous illegals
will all be heavily picketed on a given day,
in coordination with job-seeking locals
in a quick, efficient, completely coordinated,
but unpublicized in advance, lightning strike
with every concern for safety.

4. Each state contingent will consist of a given-size picket team,
with an equal-size team operating in a support capacity.
(begin discussing contingent framework)

5. Calling all Patriots, from all organizations
to begin connecting, and cueing up, by state.

20-10 feedback/suggestions are encouraged

American Patriots, remember: “being right is fun”

We Won’t Back Down

P.S. Patriots, you may become aware, over time,
that advertising is not purchasable on your website,
nor is it permitted, in any form, with American Patriots
we must disassociate ourselves from money
our cause must remain pure in motive.

Our next mission: American Patriots
DENYING ILLEGALS THE RIGHT to solicit work on the streets of America;
this right s/b reserved for 30 million unemployed Americans


ArizonaCalifornia|Arizona|New Mexico|Texas


BirthrightCitizenshi ps|GreenCards|IllegalWorkers|ImmigrationReform


Here’s what we are all about:

Taking Care Of Business

That’s what we’re saying


War of 2010 American Patriots: Mandatory Read:
Regaining Our Freedom


The tweet on my twitter stream that linked this article stated, “@MalevoFreedom @rascality @PiercedTedyBear @TheRiverWanders @ishtarmuz @MightyOCD YOU ARE PUSSIES EN MASSE”  Note that the Tea Party has quite an aversion to feminine qualities.  I suppose that it is a mixture of an inferiority complex combined with a fear of latent homosexuality.  One could well wonder given the name of the administrator and the Tea Party corporatist orientation, if the term fascist pig might actually be an understatement.

Are Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Thomas Sowell taking the U.S. down a Slippery Slope To Tyranny?

Are Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and Thomas Sowell  taking the U.S. down a Slippery Slope To Tyranny?

By Ishtarmuz  Posted 06/26/10

In rebuttal to:  Is U.S. Now On Slippery Slope To Tyranny?

Not this guy: View Enlarged Image Thomas Sowell

Adolf Hitler built up the Nazi movement in the 1920s by activating people who did not normally pay much attention to politics by his loud emotional appeals to patriotism (the fatherland), scapegoats, and all manner of fallacies in the manner of Glenn Beck and Thomas Sowell.

The value of people who blindly follow the political base of the tea party, like the Nazi party, is that  they are particularly susceptible to Hitlerian rhetoric and have far less basis for questioning Glenn Beck’s or Thomas Sowell’s assumptions which lead to their unwarranted conclusions.

Useful idiots” was the term supposedly coined by V.I. Lenin, but really was invented by the McCarthyites, to describe liberal thinkers that considered socialism, but were painted as red sympathizers of  the Soviet Union. This is much like what Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Thomas Sowell do today in regard to supporters of the Barack Obama administration.

Put differently, the tea party movement needs to disinform citizens if it is to thrive, or ultimately even survive.

In our times, the tea party movement is attempting to dismantle the protections of the citizens from corporate greed, piece by piece, before our very eyes. This by the very people that claim to love those freedoms most, and few people seem to be concerned about it.

The tea party numbers are going down because increasing numbers of people disagree with their half baked ideas, but the damage being done to the fundamental structure of this nation goes far beyond any particular half baked idea .

Many Presidents from Jefferson on down have warned the nation of the power of corporations taking away the rights of individuals. Today the multinational corporations have more power than nations and the President has the authority to bargain with nations. So just where in the Constitution of the United States does it say that a president has the authority to make a deal with a corporation? I don’t know, but in the BP incident I would have preferred the President to have asked the solicitor general to seize BP’s assets and put it into receivership until the crisis had passed, rather than allowing BP to voluntarily put aside any amount of money to be administered by an independent third party.  The BP damage is as much an attack as the terrorists and we thought nothing of freezing the assets of suspected terrorist around the world without due process.

The  $20 billion voluntary fund provided by BP to compensate people is in no way an abrogation of their due process, but rather it is BP’s wise decision to avoid due process where they risked a lot more.

Many people think this issue is simply whether BP’s oil gusher has done damage to those who ought to be compensated. If that was the case then they could deny blame in court and tie up any pay out for years. No, it is much more than just a legal haggling over such unconscionable minutia.

When the tea party say that our government is supposed to be “a government of laws and not of men ” and they speak of the rule of law and tort reform, they are really talking about limiting the rights of the individual and increasing those of the corporation by the same pettifogging they use on all other issues.  Sadly this is the exact twisted process that our legal system has gone down for years. Law meant to protect people have come to protect corporations.

If our laws and our institutions determine what we ought to do, according to the tea party, then like the laws made in Nazi Germany should we sterilize imbeciles and homosexuals if such a law was passed? Or should we take up arms against such a government as the second amendment clearly was intended to allow?

The tea party says that the Constitution states that private property is not to be confiscated by the government without “due process of law,” but fail to mention that such a right was used to justify slave ownership and deny women property rights. When a man has a gun in his hand, I will take it, and he should be thankful that I did not lawfully blow his head off.

BP has agreed to the confiscation of the gun pointed at the head of the American people, this means they have agreed for us to not blow their head off, a wise move.

With vastly expanded rhetoric of the tea party available at the discretion of  each day’s events,  if accepted, we will see private individuals forced into accepting the imposition of a world of robber barons again, a power removed from the Constitution long ago.

If you believe that the end justifies the means, then you believe in the values of the tea party, not the Constitution.

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