This Page Has Been Intentionally Left Blank

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  1. And oddly enough this page gets more viewing time than some of my posts. 🙂


  2. أشعر بهذا الشرف. وقد دعوت الحمار العربية من قبل شخص يفكر انها اهانة. أولئك الذين يعتقدون العربية هو لقب (أو شخص) أبله. قد أكون الآن الحمار Cryllic ، ولكن أنا لست عربيا.


    I am feeling so honored. I was called an Arabic ass by someone thinking it was an insult. Those that think Arabic is an epithet (or a people) are asinine. Now I may be a Cryllic ass, but I am not an Arab.


  3. Dear @Ishtarmuz,

    Please explain. Is Arabic only a language. Is it blood? Religion? I support the Iranian Green Revolution, and they don’t want an Islamic regime. They want to go back to being Persian. They don’t relate to the Arabs either. Please explain what seems very complicated an American ass. Thanks!


    • Being neither an Arab, nor an Orientalist, I would be loath to express any uninformed opinion. I was just expressing an opinion on the improper usage of a term which appeared more bigoted than anything else.


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